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AutoDetect will automatically detect your customers’ language and currency based on the rules you have set in your administration.

Give your users the convenience they deserve and make them feel at home by greeting them at their own language, and their countries' currency. Below we will discuss some conundrums clients are having with setting up the module.

I installed AutoDetect but for some reason it does not work for me. What might be the problem?

In this section we have isolated a few instances of the most common issues related to AutoDetect.

Possible issue #1. Module not installed properly

Solution: If the module does not redirect the language and/or currency correctly, most of the time the problem stems from the fact that the OCMod file has not been installed properly. Or modifications are not refreshed, hence they are not applied.

Here is a guide on how to install modules in OpenCart 2.x.

Now, a very important part of the module's installation is making sure we Refresh the modifications. To do that we need to go to Extensions > Modifications and click Refresh as in the image above. 

Possible issue #2. You haven't cleared your browser cache.

Solution: The solution here is to clear your browser cache or access the site in incognito mode with Chrome. This should do the work.

Here is a guide on how to clear the cache on multiple browsers:

Chrome -
Opera, Microsoft Edge, IE, Firefox and other browsers -

Possible issue #3 Old version of the module

Solution: If you have used AutoDetect for a while and you discover an issue you definitely want to consider updating to the most recent version of the module. An older version means an older IP database.

Please make sure to update the module to the latest version. If you purchased your module from, feel free to download the latest version from there.

If you purchased the module from, make sure to download the most up-to-date version from our website. Once you download the latest version, you need to update the IP database table too. There are two ways you can do this:

You can install the module in two ways:

1. Click the uninstall button and install from the modules listing page Extensions > Modules > AutoDetect > [Install]. Mind that this method can remove the existing module settings.

2. By accessing this URL - http://domainname/admin/index.php?route=module/autodetect/install. You will see the IP2Nation table update process.

Notice: The latest versions of the module released on 21st of December 2018, AutoDetect 3.7, 2.7, 1.6 do not use the IP2Nation as an IP database table but use a service to detect the IPs more accurately. So feel free to update to this versions if you encounter issues with the old versions. 


Possible issue #4 Are the languages and currencies auto-generated?

AutoDetect does not automatically add languages and currencies to your store. What the module does is it sets rules to redirect clients to existing languages/currencies you have already set. In other words, to trigger a rule you should set AutoDetect accordingly.

I am logging into my store but it does not change currency and/or language?

We are using IP2Nation for our IP detection. One of the possible reasons why a language or currency are not changing is the IP of the visitor falling within the error percentage rate. You can check the IP on going to

If the IP is reported properly then there shouldn't be an issue. If the IP is not reported properly please reach to the IP2Nation team at so they can include it in the next version of their database.

Notice: This section also refers to the older versions of the module. The latests version of the module released on 21st of December 2018, AutoDetect 3.7, 2.7, 1.6 do not use the IP2Nation as an IP database table but use a service to detect the IPs more accurately.

That’s all!

Hope this post suits you well. Let us know if you have any questions about the module in the section below.

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