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AskForQuote is a smart way for you to hide your product prices. The way it works is that it substitutes the Add to Cart button with an Ask for Quote button for products or categories you choose. It allows your customers to inquire more information about a product by filling out a form.

Once a customer sends a quote request, you as the administrator get notified. Then you can respond quickly via the admin panel. The module has many more functions which you can explore here.

In this section of our Q&A we have prepared answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about AskForQuote.

I Installed AskForQuote but the buttons don't seem to substitute/change to Ask For Quote. Why is that?

Once you install and set up AskForQuote, you should assign the module using the OpenCart layout system. You can learn more about it here.

Still, as basic info you can find the layouts menu in Design > Layouts > Products (for the product pages), Design > Layouts > Home (for the home pages) Design > Layouts > Categories for the category pages.

If you did assign and the button still does not show up we would recommend you to open a support ticket by going to

How can I replace the "Add To Cart" for "Ask For a Quote" for all products and hide the product prices?

If you activate the module for all the products (selecting manually all the products or selecting all the categories), the module will be activated for all the products/categories in your store. If you want to activate it for different layouts, mind to assign it to these layouts from Design > Layouts (please see the example above).

Following, go to the module settings, and activate the option of hiding the price for the products from Product Price Options > Hide Price.

Is AskForQuote multi-lingual and how can I translate it in my language?

You can change the text of the button by modifying the module language file located in catalog/language/english/extension/module/askforquote.php. Open the file and change the text after the equal sign ( = ) as shown below:

$_['heading_title'] = 'AskForQuote';
// Module depending
$_['add_to_cart'] = "Add to Cart";
$_['full_name'] = 'Full name:';
$_['enter_name'] = 'Enter name';
$_['email_address'] = 'Email address:';
$_['enter_email'] = 'Enter email';
$_['repeat_email'] = 'Repeat email';
$_['comments'] = 'Comments (Optional):';
$_['comments_placeholder'] = 'Write down some comments, questions, requirements...';
$_['submit_button'] = 'Submit';
$_['error_empty_name'] = 'Empty name field!';
$_['error_email_address'] = 'Invalid e-mail address';
$_['sent_request'] = 'Your request has been sent!';
$_['askforaquote_button'] = 'Ask for a quote';

Once you are done, please hit Save.

Where/how can I edit the email message that is sent to the admin from the quote form?

You can edit the email text which is sent to the admin panel from catalog/language/english/module/askforquote.php.

In this language file you can edit the text of variable admin_main_email_text as shown below after the equal sign "=":

$_['admin_main_email_text'] = 'Someone asks for a quote!<br /><br />User Name: {user_name}<br />User Email: {user_email}<br />Selected Product: <a href="{product_link}">{product_name}</a><br />User comments: {user_notes}.<br />Quantity: {quantity}<br /><br />You can find more information <a href="{admin_page_link}">here</a>!"';

How to change the Ask For Quote button text.

The following instructions are for OpenCart 2.x to 2.2.x. 

Step1) Locate your OpenCart installation using an FTP client.

Step 2) Locate file catalog/language/english/module/askforquote.php. This is good for 2.x to 2.2.x.

For 2.3.x the path is catalog/language/english/extension/module/askforquote.php

Step 3) Look for the following text:

$_['askforaquote_button']        = '<strong>Ask for a quote</strong>';

Change the text Ask for a quote to the text you would like to.

Hope this was helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions in the comment section down below.

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