Announcing Our Newest Video Tutorials E-Commerce Training Section

The positive feedback on the OpenCart tutorials in our blog inspired us to invest more in that direction. The logical next step were video tutorials.

Since video tutorials are easier to follow and take less time to view and comprehend, we decided to make our tips a bit more accessible to more users.

Here is the easier way to check out our videos. Go to the Resources menu and click Video tutorials.

If you favor YouTube more, you can check out our channel there, subscribe and get the latest content directly on the video platform.

For now, we have started creating video tutorials explaining the native OpenCart functionality and basic setup.

This way, new users of the platform can get familiar with how the system works and how to start customizing their store.

The videos will guide you through all the steps, fields and menus you need to configure when getting started or improving your E-Commerce store.

Consider your learning time with OpenCart cut in half!

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