AbandonedCarts gets a major makeover in version 4.0

AbandonedCarts is one of our best selling modules and we are getting a lot of feedback about it from you. We listened to you guys and just recently released a new version of the module (v. 4.0), which includes lots of new features and improvements. Lets go through them.

Multi-Template Feature

Until now, AbandonedCarts supported only one email template per store. With the new version you have the ability to create unlimited templates which can be used for your emails depending on the options which you have set in them. You can set different delays for the cron jobs in the templates and by that you can create different scenarios for the customers. Here is one example:

You can send them a notification one day after their abandonment with no discount code. If the customer does not place an order, you can send them a second notification after two days with 5% discount code. If even after that the customer does not order from you, you can send them another notification with 10% discount for the products at your store. However, if they order from the second notification, they will not get the third one.

All the fields like Type of Discount, Discount Validity, Product Image Dimensions and the rest, which were before applicable for the template, are still available for every single template you create. You can also set different names for the templates so they can be easily recognized from the administrators of the store. 

Improved Abandoned Records View

There are some major differences here. Right above the table in the image, you can see that there is a filter with the following options:

  • Default - Here you can find the customers that have abandoned their shopping carts and were never notified about that.
  • Already notified - In this list you can see the customers which were notified at least once about their shopping carts, but have not ordered yet.
  • Ordered - This is where you will the customers which have abandoned your site, but then returned and placed an order.

All views are paginated and you can go through all your records. Also, the “Send reminder” button is now a dropdown, from which you can choose which template you would like to send to the given customer. The button is not active in the “Ordered” list. And last, but not least - under the “Remove” button you can see how many times a given customer has been notified about the abandoned cart.

Improved Cron Functionality 

The Delay field is now removed from the cron job settings. If you remember, the delay is now set up in each template. Of course, the third-party cron functionality is still here in case you prefer that option. All features are improved and now work even better.

That’s it! I hope you guys are excited about the new features as much as we are. The new version is also updated in the demo so you can see the new features live by clicking here. If you have any questions, make sure to use the comments section below.

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