8 Best Sources for Elaborate OpenCart Tutorials

Some of our recent posts were intended to share sources from around the web where you can find valuable information regarding OpenCart. They were about themes, blogs, and communities.

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This time, we want to share some sources that we find are the most reliable when it comes to showing detailed, step-by-step guides and tutorials that help new users as well as experienced store owners get into the OpenCart platform.

In this post, you will find 9 websites where you can find plenty of tutorials for any OpenCart-related issue or question you might have.

#1 Tuts+

One thing I like about the OpenCart tutorials from Tuts+ is that they display the difficulty and length of each post. This lets readers know what to expect and how long it will take to finish it.

If you are interested in tinkering with the code in OpenCart, the Tuts+ tutorials will show you the right way. They include code samples that are easy to comprehend and pair them with elaborate explanations. Their tutorials explain what each function and command does in a way that a person who has no development experience can understand how, why and what the code does.

Another important factor is the range of tutorials that Tuts+ have published over the years. They keep adding new tutorials every few days.

iSenseLabs Favorite Tutorial: Series: From Beginner To Advanced in OpenCart

#2 TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster have separate categories that help you narrow down the exact tutorials you are looking for.

Another cool feature from their categories menu is the popup that comes up when you hover over a special term or phrase that needs further explanation (OCmod, SSL, .CSV):

Once you open a tutorial, you see its complexity level as well as the relation to OpenCart (Configuration, Content, etc).

The convenient features don’t end here. You will also notice that each post comes with clear screenshots and a video version of the tutorial. Definitely a nice touch.

TemplateMonster create tutorials for both major versions of OpenCart - 1.5.x and 2.x. Their posts cover very basic topics such as adding a new language, to advanced tutorials for database and website content management.

iSenseLabs Favorite Tutorial: Modification System Conflicts: OCMod vs vQmod

#3 iSenseLabs

The team at iSenseLabs is always happy to share useful and valuable information about OpenCart. We have tutorials about configuration, installation, upgrading, modification and extension usage.

The tutorials from iSenseLabs are directed towards users of all skill levels - new or experienced, developers, as well as regular store owners who want to learn how OpenCart works as a platform, and how to do small modifications as well as sharing common good practices and trends.

iSenseLabs Favorite Tutorial: How To Upgrade OpenCart From 1.5.6.x To In 3 Easy Steps

#4 BuildMyEcommerce

There’s nothing like a video tutorial to get you started and show you exactly what you need to do in an “OpenCart for Dummies” way.

BuildMyEcommerce has a YouTube channel with videos and entire playlists showing how OpenCart works.

The video tutorials include guides for different OpenCart themes (installation and configuration) as well as information for users who need details about some of the more complex modules of the platform.

iSenseLabs Favorite Tutorial: OpenCart Page Speed & Web Performance - Part 1

#5 Udemy

Udemy is a well known source for video courses, not only for OpenCart but also any other area from IT and software development, to marketing, photography, design, etc. Their videos are very well structured and you can learn a lot from the small sections that each tutorial consists of.

“Videos are kept short and to the point without too much jargon.”

This exact OpenCart tutorial is created for beginners who have zero experience with the platform. It has 8 sections that discuss the most key structural elements of the open source shopping cart and gives newbies the right direction to start learning on from the start - managing products, SEO, graphics, and security.

iSenseLabs Favorite Section: Graphics

#6 FastComet

FastComet are a cloud hosting provider and also feature a few OpenCart tutorials.

Their step-by-step approach is detailed enough to make advanced tasks into a simple process that is simple to comprehend and execute.

iSenseLabs Favorite Tutorial: Integrate Google Analytics Tracking

#7 InMotion Hosting

If your store is running on OpenCart 1.5.x, the tutorials from InMotion will give you a better look at your store and show you how to do things from beginner to expert level.

iSenseLabs Favorite Tutorial: Customizing the Look and Feel of OpenCart

#8 OpenCart Documentation

There is an article about every menu and sub-menu in the administration panel where you can learn what all the functions do and how they are used.

The OpenCart Documentation features tutorials ranging from the basic system requirements of the platform to installation and upgrade guides. After you are finished with that, you will find individual tutorials for all the categories and their menus.

iSenseLabs Favorite Tutorial: Developing Modules


A good tutorial can solve a lot of problems when you need help with a certain issue. It can save you money, but more importantly - a tutorial can save you a lot of time from having to contact other people and ask questions. We hope that the sources we gave you in this post will be sufficient so you don’t have to look anywhere else. Good luck with running OpenCart and ask us anything you need in the comments below!

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