6 Shopify trends to implement on your store in 2023

With the new year, we welcome a brand new wave of trends that influence customers and Shopify stores alike.

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the more obvious ways online stores are changing, so that in 2023 Shopify merchants can maximize their presence on the platform and attract more shoppers. 

1. Paying with your phone becoming a standard

Digital wallets became even more widely spread. Whether you use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other options, it is now very common for people to pull out their phones (which are probably already in their hands) and use them to make a purchase. Convenient, right? 

With that in mind, having the option for your customers, be it in a physical store or online, to pay via a digital wallet is a smart move. Otherwise, for people so used to their Apple Pay, if there is no such chance, they might rethink the purchase. 

Don't limit your ways of payment and encourage all of the ways the customer can successfully finish the transaction. 

2. TikTok is the future of social media

Even if we don't always like what those darn kids are doing, we have to admit that TikTok has turned into a powerhouse for social outreach, mainly because of Gen Zers. And now, apart from the funny pet videos and dance challenges, there are many companies using the app to promote their products and services through paid ads. If you have a lot of data from your TikTok ads and want to use it for reports, it might make sense to store it in Google BigQuery

If your company is not on TikTok, quite frankly you are missing out on a huge demographic that might become your most loyal brand ambassadors. And it's not just kids and teens on it, it's an app where many adults also go on to look for new favorite things.

So, dip your toe into the big pool and just remember, be your authentic self and the right idea will come across. 

3. Be authentic, like your clients

As we were saying, being authentic really pays off. It really isn't a new concept, but the human-to-human connection of brands with their customers is becoming more sought after than ever. It's important to prioritize personal experiences with your brand, and products to reflect different social groups' needs or even your customers on a personal level. 

Really minimize your target audience and look at what groups would most benefit from your product/service and talk directly to them (on TikTok for example). That openness and humane touch are what make clients loyal to the brand because they feel like they helped grow it. 

4. Keyword - sustainable

More and more people are looking into the sustainability of the brands they use. If they are not up to par with the customer's values, well then pick a new brand to shop from.

Connect your products/services with a global cause and make sure you are doing your part in making sure the environment is better with you than better off without you. 

Be vocal about how your products are made, who makes them, and from what materials. Products with the labels "vegan", "bio" or "recycled" are what attract people, so keep up with this trend and always look for ways to better your brand.

5. Quality over quantity 

If you are not in the fast-moving consumer goods industries, where more is in fact more, then you might want to focus on the quality of your products. After Covid, there has been a growth of the same purchases being made by customers repeatedly. If one likes something very much, one just gets it again and again. 

So make your products well-lasting, that way customers know that they can count on your brand to bring them good quality goods every time. 

In this way of thought, subscription services are really popping off as well. If you have a good quality item, offer it on a consistent basis with some kind of discount. 

6. Say a delivery time and mean it 

Don't say the package will be there in a few days when you know it will take you a week to ship out. There needs to be full transparency around the exact time it will take the package to get to its new owner. The risk of wrong delivery times is the trust between the customers and the brand to be broken and your competitors might win a new buyer instead.

So, when the package is going to take a week to arrive, say it in the store. Don't call the customer when it's already past the arrival date. 

These are all of the trends that are to be expected in the Shopify circles next year. And, of course, being compliant is always trendy, so go download the GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app now and secure your store's compliance today.

If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email, or simply check our FAQ page.

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