6 Free OpenCart 2.x Support Modules for Effective Customer Service

The better your customer service is, the happier your clients will be. Companies that resolve issues for their customers quick and accurate enough are always the ones to stand out from the crowd. However, this requires effort and that’s where the free modules for more effective customer service come in.

#1 GoToMeeting

Give your users a premium customer service experience by connecting with them in a personal meeting room. You can customize the extension however you like and make it fit yours, and your customers needs.

#2 Return Request Mail

Receive a notification via email when a customer submits a return request. The customer will also receive an email confirming that their request has been received.

#3 SMSBump

A flexible and comprehensive integration that makes sending SMS, MMS, USSD and Voice messages to your customers easy as pie. You can group the receivers and adjust them from the dropdown menu with all the types (e.g. Specific customers, Newsletter subscribers, Affiliates, etc).

#4 Customer Service

After installing this feature, you will be able to add and place a Customer Service footer column in the section of your website that you find most suitable.

#5 FAQ System

A very useful addition for every website - include an FAQ page in your web store for clients to add questions and get answers faster.

#6 Add Gender Field

Your customers will be able to select their gender upon registration. This allows you to improve the user experience of your store and makes your emails to customers more personalized.

If you want your customers to feel like they can rely on you (which you must), working to extend your customer service should be of high priority. Enabling your users to contact you easily reflects on your image and reputation, which is essential when creating brand authority.

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