6 Free OpenCart 2.x Modules for Going Social & Staying Connected

Social media became a fundamental part of our lives long ago, and it affects each aspect of our daily routine. We check Facebook right after waking up, we’re on Twitter when things go viral, and we’re taking photos with Instagram when having fun. Understandably, it also plays a crucial role in marketing and eCommerce.

Being a popular figure on social media definitely has its perks. We will show you a few free OpenCart modules that can be the starting point for your business.

#1 TwitterFeed

A light widget that displays your Twitter feed on the pages of your web store. It has Light and Dark themes, and an overall easily-customizable module architecture with no need to overwrite any files.

#2 Facebook Shop

Open a store in Facebook with a few simple steps. It is great for expanding your fan base and highly useful for Facebook users to shop from your store without even visiting your website.

#3 FacebookPagePlugin

Promoting your store on Facebook can’t be any simpler than embedding your Facebook page right in your website for all clients to see it, like it and share it with their friends. The control panel is simple enough to let you position the plugin wherever you find fit.

#4 SkypeButton

The tool connects you to your customers via the world’s most popular telecommunications application - Skype. Its design and functionality is adjustable and you can choose between chat, call or both.

#5 AddThis

This is the world’s largest content sharing & social insights platform, allowing seamless sharing of the content in your website. Promote your content quicker and better by letting your users themselves easily share what you’re saying with their social media audience.

#6 WhatsAppShare

Enable your customers to share your products with their contacts using this mobile messaging app that will integrate a WhatsApp share button into your web store that will be visible only on mobile devices.

Be social and be easy to share. Most of all, be fun and exciting to share. Do promotions, campaigns, run a quiz and get feedback on your store and products. Having good control over your social media strategy is essential for running a lucrative online business.

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