20 Examples of Why Your OpenCart Store Needs a Blog

Blogging is huge for E-Commerce. Having a blog in your online store not only gives you a popular channel for sharing valuable information. Diving into the world of blogging will show you multiple applications you can try out:

  • Product presentations
  • Guides & tutorials
  • Useful tips, ideas & advice
  • Additional information & specifications
  • Examples of how your products are used
  • Share industry-related news

You can combine all of these directions and many more to give your blog real value and a unique image.

Why should you make the effort to create content for your blog? We won’t try to convince you. We’ll just show you.

In this post, we will show you 20 examples of awesome blogs we found in OpenCart websites. We think each of those blogs is unique not only with their design, but also with the approach that each store has taken.

Check them out and get inspired for starting your own E-Commerce blog section in OpenCart.

1 Stampington

Stampington are running a blog with an artful feel that showcases their magazine issues and creative DIY ideas.


2 Fin & Fur

The blog section at Fin & Fur stands out with gorgeous large images for each article that immediately get the reader’s attention.


3 The Baby Boutique

Being a parent is tough, and the people at The Baby Boutique try to help with useful articles combined with their products.


4 Blackstar Amplification

The Blackstar blog shares badass stories and news about their artists and the bands that use their equipment.


5 Naturelle Cosmetics

The articles published by Naturelle Cosmetics are not only focused on their products, but also on DIY ideas for mixing your own cosmetic solutions.


6 Kwiat

Kwiat use their blog as a news section featuring all manner of events related to sports, education, culture, social and professional development.


7 HealthAid

The blog at HealthAid is exactly what you would imagine - all manner of tips and health advice from specialists who know what they are talking about.


8 Monsta Clothing

This fitness blog is filled with diverse articles about finding the right trainer, having the right diet, interviews with athletes and a variety of exercise ideas.


9 JewelScent

JewelScent sell scented candles, but their blog is much more diverse, sharing all manner of DIY tips and ideas for food, clothing, lifestyle, recycling and repurposing old possessions, etc.


10 HID Auto Vision

The blog at HID Auto Vision aims to provide their customers with useful purchase information, tech and installation tips for their kits, and general car light knowledge.


11 Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies

The blog maintained by Tuckshop & Sundry is all about leather as well as events from the denim, workwear and vintage men-styling industry.


12 Calmia

Calmia has a more personal-style blog where the author describes her spiritual journey and anti-stress advice for people who struggle with an overwhelming lifestyle.


13 Nonfinite Electronics

Nonfinite Electronics share their love for tech in a blog featuring news for their products, the events they will be attending and the services they offer.


14 Table Tennis World

The design of Table Tennis World’s blog is structured as a timeline that features all the sports events that they attend.


15 Cloud 9

This beautiful blog features tons of tips, information, advice and recommendations on how to care for our skin better and how it’s affected by different factors in our daily life.


16 Bay Bloor Radio

It’s all about quality sound at Bay Bloor Radio’s blog section and it’s definitely the place to tune into if you want to know all the details on picking the right headset, speakers or want general Hi-Fi knowledge.


17 Marpac

The blog section at Marpac is about one of the sweetest things in life - sleep. A shop that sells white noise machines definitely knows how to make your sleep much better.


18 Blue Mountain Vineyards

Wine fans will appreciate the blog that Blue Mountain Vineyards are running and the details they are sharing throughout their winemaking process.


19 Alpacos

Alpacos is a brand offering wear and accessories made of alpaca wool, and their blog is focused on the unique characteristics of their products.


20 Ciaté London

Ciaté London have a section called “The Glossip”, which is the perfect wordplay for a beauty and makeup blog where they share what’s hot and trendy.


Final words

Increased traffic, new visitors, content that engages customers over social media, better ranking in search engines, all of these are the vital benefits that come after building a blog. The E-Commerce competition in 2016 got a lot tougher, which makes it even more important to have your own unique brand identity. Your blog is a reflection of your values, so it’s definitely the thing to set you apart.


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