20 Captivating E-Commerce Stores Built on OpenCart for Free

We wanted to make a showcase of web stores that are running on OpenCart. It’s impressive to see how beautiful an E-Commerce site can look like when built on the free open-source platform. The examples we will give can be a big inspiration for beginners and advanced entrepreneurs who want to get creative with their websites.

Why OpenCart?

The open-source code means unlimited freedom customization and modification.

The responsive design makes the site fit perfectly on every device.

The thousands of extensions can give your store powerful features you can use to bring in more traffic, customers and increase order totals.

Most of all - it’s free to download and install.

Let’s check out the awesome OpenCart websites we found. This is a showcase of E-Commerce stores that use both pre-defined themes as well as custom design.

1 Texas Furniture Hut

Texas Furniture Hut

2 RC Geeks


3 Crazy Deals

Crazy Deals

4 Damage Industries

Damage Industries

5 Sankee


6 Sunglasses


7 Sassy Chic

Sassy Chic

8 Birdie Ball

Birdie Ball

9 Iiana


10 LibriCuriosi


11 Fine Jewellery London

Fine Jewellery London

12 The Poi Room

The Poi Room

13 Luxus Hair

Luxus Hair

14 DRKS Online

DRKS Online

15 Ella Dubai

Ella Dubai

16 Hediard


17 Romessence


18 Shop It Now

Shop It Now

19 AS Auto Parts

AS Auto Parts

20 China Panda

China Panda‚Äč

What we learned…

As we see yet again, flawless photography and high quality images are what separates good websites from not-so-good ones. Not far behind are the color balance, fonts, sizes, CTA buttons, menus, categories and all other details that make up the better user experience of a normal customer. We want to know what you think of the websites and share the design of your own store in the comments below!

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