15 E-Commerce Sites with Contemporary Design Running on OpenCart

In the past, we have showcased a lot of beautiful OpenCart stores. Many of them have been collections from specific industries, others have just caught our attention with their unique design.

This time around, we have a new showcase of E-Commerce sites. As you may guess, they are built on OpenCart, but what’s most impressive about them is their contemporary design, clean layout and modern elements.

These sites come from different industries, but many of them are designed in a minimalistic fashion. This helps them get most of the focus on their products by getting rid of the clutter and emphasizing on stunning product images.


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15 E-Commerce Websites Showing The Beauty of OpenCart

1 BYKI Designs

Industry: Fashion Accessories and Custom Graphics

* * *

2 Eleven Apparel

Industry: Custom Clothing and Apparel

* * *

3 PolyGarage

Industry: Art, Designer Furniture, Ornaments

* * *

4 Vita Fede

Industry: Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories

* * *

5 Nuciya

Industry: Health and Beauty

* * *

6 The Cider Link

Industry: Cider Marketplace

* * *

7 Zere Fashion House

Industry: Fashion and Clothing

* * *

8 ChromaCake

Industry: Specialised Food Colourants

* * *

9 Kaey

Industry: Street Fashion and Apparel

* * *

10 DeltaCycle

Industry: Cycling Accessories

* * *

11 Luck & Luck

Industry: Wedding, Birthday and Party Accessories & Decorations

* * *

12 Leather Stylex

Industry: Leather Goods

* * *

13 Spectre Time

Industry: Luxury Timepieces

* * *

14 Ricambi Moto

Industry: Motorcycle Parts

* * *

15 Luke Rose

Industry: Jewelry

* * *


We always love to see OpenCart stores that look so beautiful and manage to capture their personality and unique style with design. Surely you will like the sites as well, and if you feel confident in your site’s design, we will be happy to see it in the comments below!

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