10 Marketing Tips to Drive More Leads to Your E-Commerce Website

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Higher conversion rates, quality leads, and increased revenues are some of the key parameters that determine the success of your eCommerce store. With the use of OpenCart, you can create a visually appealing site using its simple and intuitive user interface. It is an open-source eCommerce platform that allows business leaders, merchants or retailers to create an interactive online store in a matter of few minutes, without any coding or programming skills.

But for establishing a unique web presence, you need to think out of the box and explore your online business across the world.

For better results, you can learn effective marketing tactics for your online store. Apart from understanding the changing marketing trends and customer's demand, you have to execute some concrete marketing techniques that can help you drive more leads to your online business.

Although, eCommerce marketing is a critical subject, we have done some good amount of research in bringing these tried and tested marketing tactics for you. With the help of OpenCart and its powerful tools and extensions, we can implement these tips and maximize your sales.

I've collected the 10 proven marketing tips that will help you generate more quality leads and improve the conversion rates of your eCommerce store.

1. BluePrint your Content Marketing Strategy before Starting

Creating a concrete plan is an ideal way to start anything. Being an eCommerce site owner, you should always prepare a detailed content marketing strategy by writing a list of all methods you plan to reach out your potential as well as new web customers across the different platforms.

Also, make sure that you review the entire process of content creation and distribution every week or twice a month. This strategy will keep the things sorted for you and help you execute your content marketing tactics in the best possible way.

2. Creating Original & Quality Content

Creating a fresh, engaging and quality content is a key to a successful online marketing strategy. If you want to encourage visitors to stay longer on your site, you should provide them the original and captivating content in the form of blog posts, images, videos, product descriptions, etc. This will embrace your online marketing strategy and help you generate quality leads.

Fortunately, OpenCart can be upgraded with a blogging tool, known as iBlog, that can help you create original content in a simple and quick way. It allows you to create SEO ready blogs that can help you increase the ranking of your e-store on Google and other search engines with ease.

It also displays all articles on one page to let your visitors find the content quickly and easily. Plus, its Multi-store and Multi-lingual support features can help you reach out a maximum number of web audiences all around the globe.

3. Launch an Automated Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the convincing eCommerce marketing techniques that empowers online store owners to connect with their potential web customers and sell their products.

So, it is a good idea to generate a productive email marketing campaign that can convert your targeted visitors into subscribers. You can send them newsletters and information regarding your products and convince them to buy more from you.

4. Integrate with multiple social media platforms

Social media platforms play a crucial role in determining the success of your online business. There are loads of social networking websites where you can promote your products to engage a chunk of social media traffic towards your eCommerce site.

But for that, you need to find out which platforms work best for you. Shortlist the best solutions and eliminate the platforms that don't work well. Sharing content on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ pages is an incredible way to start off your social media marketing strategy. You can also integrate social media Analytics tools to know where you are getting the most traffic from.

5. Create a Facebook store

Facebook is always on the top of a list whenever it comes to the social media marketing. It is the biggest platform that can take your promotional strategies to the next level. You can use it to share your content or product with millions of Facebook users on the fly. And the best part is that you can sell your products directly on the social media platform with a Facebook shop integration.

If you have an OpenCart store, then you can integrate the FacebookStore extension and export your products directly to Facebook. This extension is made with mobile-friendly design in mind. There is also an OpenCart checkout process to let your customers checkout directly from Facebook. This strategy will help you reach more and more customers with ease.

6. Minimize abandoned carts

As web customers, we add multiple items to our shopping carts but abandon them during checkout most of the time. This is a common issue for every eCommerce website. In fact, according to the Baymard Institute, shopping carts abandoned rate is around 68%. This means your sales are one-third of what they could possibly be.

To solve this problem, you can use OpenCart's AbandonedCarts extension that enables you to review the abandoned checkouts of your web customers, and then send them an automatic or manual email with a link to their cart. You can also offer a discount hook to encourage them to finish their purchase.

Additionally, the tool lets you see the last visited page of your visitors before abandoning your store so that you can customize your email and offer them the related products.

All you need is the customer name, email, telephone, language registered/guest customer status, last visited page, IP address, and date & time and you are ready to go.

7. Boost your Ad spending

You can use the Google AdWords to grab more visitors towards your online store. This is an amazing tool that can help you optimize and target your Ad spending smartly and display your eCommerce store in Google whenever people search for your type of business.

Whether you want to grow your online sales or you want to promote your products, you can use this tool and attract more customers. Overall, we can say creating an advertisement on Google can help you generate more quality leads for your online business.

8. Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is an incredible way to track your web customers action on your e-store. You can use comprehensive data to make decisions for better performance.

If you are an OpenCart user, you can integrate the iAnalytics tool to your eCommerce site to see most added to cart products, customer actions, wishlist products, impression, unique visits and a lot more that can improve your sales. This tool sends eCommerce data to Google Analytics and gives you data in the form of interactive graphs and statistics.

9. Embed multi-language functionality

The next-level success of an eCommerce store is determined when they sell products to customers all over the world. There should be no geographical boundaries when it comes to running an online store. Just because you speak French doesn't mean you can't sell your items to a visitor who speaks English.

So, make sure you provide multi-language or translation feature to your customers across the world. Luckily, OpenCart offers a ton of themes that come with translation ready support.

10. Create more product reviews

Incorporating genuine product reviews to your OpenCart store can help you improve your conversion rates. Add testimonials from your existing customers and gain your visitor's interest. In fact, having product reviews can boost the amount of content on a web page, which in turn increases the chances that you can hit a few long tail keywords. It means you can improve the SEO ranking of your eCommerce website by creating quality product reviews.

OpenCart offers a robust extension, called OrderReviews that creates and sends an automatic review to your products. It lets you customize your email template the way you want in a matter of few seconds. And the best part is that you can send emails in multiple languages, all thanks to its MultiLingual feature.


These are some of the key marketing tactics that will help generate more organic traffic towards your site. If you want to have an OpenCart store, you can make use of powerful extensions and enhance your eCommerce marketing strategy.

Author Bio: Lucy Barret is an experienced WordPress Developer and a passionate blogger. She is along with her team of developers, provide WordPress Development services at HireWPGeeks Ltd. When she is not working, she enjoys reading books and writing articles.

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