10 Brilliant OpenCart Themes for Car and Auto Repair Shops by TemplateMonster

Today is the time to believe that all of your brave ideas can be easily realised with the help of the amazing OpenCart themes that we've created.

Below is a list of 5 reasons explaining why building a website with the help of our templates would be a successful choice for the beginning and prosperity of your E-Commerce business.

1. First of all, using templates means saving plenty of time. As it was said before, the provided templates are ready for your usage and you don’t need to be a coding guru to get the site of your dreams. Moreover, these themes are easy to install and customize.

2. Our OpenCart templates are easy to use, but there's still a folder with detailed instructions on every package in case something's not clear enough.

3. In addition, all the themes were made and designed by TemplateMonster, so have no doubts about the quality and appearance of your future website! Created by professional designers, each of our templates is unique, powerful and fashionable.

4. As you may see, every particular OpenCart template has a long list of attractive and useful features. You will get all the options that are necessary for the building of a leading website and even more!

5. Rest assured we are always happy to provide you with free 24/7 technical support, so leave all of your disbeliefs behind! Be sure, all your questions will be answered and all the issues resolved.

In addition, let me introduce you several features that are present in our OpenCart themes.


As the name says, the template is supplied with a main menu that sticks to the top of the page when one scroll down the page. With its help, the visitors of your website don’t need to waste their time and go back all the way to get another page as the feature keeps the main menu right before the users’ eyes all the time.

Parallax Scrolling

Here is one of the most popular features for modern online shops as with its help you may truly engage the visitors. Needless to say, people will automatically be more interested when scrolling. In a word, parallax effect is a beautiful psychological trick that will undoubtedly pull your guests deeper into the website and will increase their desire to explore.

Custom Block

Made for your comfort, custom block is an area where you are able to insert different kinds of information. Such as contacts, sale terms or payment details. Be sure about your deals as the data will automatically remain in place every time a new product is added.

Still need more information? Be free to contact Service Centre, as our professionals are always glad to spread your ideas and assist you during the creation of a powerful and modern website.

Additionally, don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel if you wanna get more information about templates, OpenCart guides and website building.

The OpenCart themes featured here are designed for E-Commerce stores for auto parts, cars, tyres, auto repair, tuning, etc.

Musclecar – Responsive OpenCart Template

Made in a flat design, the theme is a good way to create your special kind of an eCommerce website. Musclecar is featured with custom page, crossbrowser capability, social login, drop down cart and other useful features that were added for your comfort.

Details | Demo

Auto Fixing – OpenCart Template

Just take a look at these amazing deep colors! Without a doubt, Auto Fixing works great in all the browsers and on all the devices, so customers will be able to visit your website no matter where they go.

Details | Demo

Car Audio Video – OpenCart Template

Surely, this stylish theme will easily attract the attention of your visitors. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of a theme with high quality images, rich palette of colors, and unusual fonts.

Details | Demo

Car Tuning – OpenCart Template

Easy to use and install, this OpenCart theme is solid and modern enough to impress your customers. There’s nothing redundant in the Car Tuning template.

Details | Demo

Wheels and Tires – OpenCart Template

Equipped with well documented, customized modules, the template ideally depicts the working atmosphere of your service. Deep and dark colors mixed with amazing details. Your customers will be pleased with the store front and happy with its functionality.

Details | Demo

Car Audio and Video Equipment – OpenCart Theme

The template is a modern and well-documented example of excellent minimalism. Brings you all the opportunities for creating a remarkable website. Please note: price-quality rates may surprise you.

Details | Demo

Wheels & Tires – Responsive OpenCart Template

Still looking for a beautiful but simple to use OpenCart template for the introduction of your car equipment services? Well, the provided theme is definitely your choice!

Details | Demo

DriveIt – Amazing OpenCart Theme for Drivers

The template provides your shop with a remarkable design that will intrigue any visitor. Just add all the well-done clearly elaborated details and you will have a full picture of the 21st Century comfort.

Details | Demo

Auto Store – OpenCart Template

How do you find freedom? Stylish, useful, open for your ideas! Show your potential to the whole world with the help of this incredible OpenCart theme.

Details | Demo

Automobile Tires – OpenCart Template

Meet our helpful and well featured OpenCart theme for your website! The menu made in black and white colors, blended with the calm shades of blue. As you may see, the template has an easy concept and will certainly impress your potential customers.

Details | Demo


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