OpenCart 3.x System Settings Configuration PART 4 (Image & Mail)

Video transcript:

Hi and welcome to Part 4 of our System Settings video tutorials for OpenCart 3.

This time, you will learn about the Image and Mail settings of your store.

This includes your store logo and the basic configuration for the email notifications you will be receiving for customer activity in your site.

Let’s start.

Go to your dashboard, head to System, and then click Settings.

If you have a multistore setup, this is where all your stores will appear.

Hit edit on your main store.

Now click the Image tab.

This is where you can upload your store logo.

You can also select the icon that will appear in the browser tab when customers open your store.

Let’s upload a couple of images and show you how they look in the OpenCart storefront.

First is the store logo. Click the empty field and then click the Edit button that will appear next to it.

This will open the OpenCart image manager.

Select the folder where you will upload your store logo and click the blue upload button above.

Select the image file from your device and upload it.

After it appears in the image manager, just click the image to select it for your store logo.

Done. Now for the icon.

Click the empty field again and hit Edit.

Repeat the same action. Open the folder, hit upload, and select your image.

Click on the image and it will now be uploaded as your store’s icon.

Time to hit Save.

Now, open the storefront and hit the refresh button.

You will be able to see the new store logo appearing above your main menu.

The icon will also be visible in the store tab over here.

Back to the admin panel now.

Time to explain the Mail tab.

This is where you configure the settings that will determine how you receive the email notifications for customer activity.

First tab is the Mail Engine. This is where you choose between Mail or SMTP.

The Mail option is the standard PHP mail function to send emails and is usually delivered as an option from your hosting provider.

SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol and basically lets you use the email parameters of a third party mailing system such as Gmail.

Mail Parameters is the field where you enter the email address that you want to use for receiving notifications.

In case you’ve chosen SMTP, the next field is where you need to enter the SMTP Hostname, for example

The SMTP username is the email address you’ve registered with the mailing provider, for example -

Below, enter your SMTP password. Usually this is the password for your email address, but in case your SMTP server has different credentials, you will need to contact your system administrator for this password.

The SMTP port and timeout numbers should also be provided by your mailing service.

The next section is for selecting the exact type of customer activity that will send email notifications to the store admin.

The default types of activity are when a customer creates a new account, when an affiliate creates a new account, when an order is made and when a product review is submitted.

If you don’t want to receive notifications for some of these types of activity, simply don’t select them.

Last is the field for Additional alert emails. In case you have multiple email addresses that you’d like to get notifications, list them here and separate them by commas.

This is also helpful if you have an administration team with multiple admins that will be managing the store, so they will also need to receive email notifications.

And that’s it! Simple, right?

You’re now ready to manage the image and mail settings in your OpenCart 3 store.

Stay tuned for our final video of the System Settings series which will be for the last tab - Server.

Thanks for watching, give us a like if this was helpful and subscribe to our channel for more OpenCart 3 tutorials!

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