OpenCart 3.x System Settings Configuration PART 2 (Local)

Video transcript:

Hello and welcome to part 2 of our system settings configuration tutorials for OpenCart 3.

In this video, you will learn about the Local tab and what the settings are used for.

Let’s begin.

From the dashboard, go to System and then Settings.

Click Edit and go to the Local tab.

These are the main local settings of your store.

They are used by shipping and payment providers as well as their OpenCart extensions to calculate costs, taxes, etc.

Your local settings are very important, so make sure to make no mistakes when configuring them.

First is the country. Set the country where your business is located. In our case, we will select the United States.

Underneath, select the region or state where your store is located. For our example, we will select New York, since that’s where the address we set for our store in the previous video is.

Next are the languages. Set the languages you wish to display in your storefront … and admin panel.

The currency tab will select the default currency for your store. This will be the currency on your products that customers see when they enter your site.

The Auto Update Currency setting lets you enable or disable the automatic currency rate updates.

The default length classes in your store are Centimeter, Millimeter or Inch. Let’s select Inch.

The default weight classes are Kilogram, Gram, Pound or Ounce. Let’s select Pound.

Great, these are the settings that shipping and payment methods will be using for their calculations when customers make their orders.

That’s it for this video!

In the next part, we will tell you about the Option tab.

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