One-Click Checkout to Boost Instant Sales in OpenCart 3.x

Hey and welcome to our new OpenCart video! This time we’ll show you a killer sales tip that can drastically speed up the customer shopping experience in your website. To be more precise - it actually makes it instant. This is a normal OpenCart product page with one addition - the quick checkout section here. All your customer needs to do is enter their phone and email. That’s it. Now the customer order is logged in your admin panel. All you need to do is process it. This saves your customers a lot of time for the checkout and lets them order something without having to enter their details. After that, you get in touch with them using their phone or email, ask them for their information and use it to process their order. This way, they still give you their information, but the important thing is the order is already confirmed. Let’s show you how all of this works. The OpenCart extension you need is called Super Quick Checkout and you will find the link in the description below. After the extension is installed in your store, you need to enable it. You have a few settings to configure the way your instant checkout looks like in the store. For instance, you can wrap the whole thing in a widget so it’s more distinctive as a separate element in the product page. Then you can select its position. Default, above or below the Add to Cart button. In our example, we placed it above the button. Next, the submit action. What happens when the customer clicks the checkout button? They can either get a success notification or get redirected to the checkout success page. Your choice. Also, not every online store has staff on the stand by for processing orders, so you can enable your working hours for customers to know that their order will be processed whenever you’re online. The newest addition to the extension is the GDPR Compliance compatibility. You now have a setting to enable the Privacy Policy confirmation for customers to select before confirming their order. After all, you’re gathering personal data. Okay, let’s see how these changes reflect on the storefront. So, the widget is on point. So is the Privacy Policy checkbox. Now, if we repeat the checkout again, we should be redirected to the success page… like so. Okay, great. Let’s go back to the admin panel to continue. The localisation field lets you modify the text in the instant checkout section. The heading, the text around the phone and email fields and everything else. When you’re done with that, move to the New orders tab. This is where all the orders from Super Quick Checkout get logged. To process them click the Place an order button. When you’ve gathered the customer data, or they already happen to have an account, simply finish the order processing and you’re all done. After that, you can see the fulfilled orders in this tab here. And that’s it! You can test the extension in the product demo by clicking the link in the description below. Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more OpenCart 3 tutorials! Thanks for watching!
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