How to Use Coupons to Create Discounts in OpenCart 3.x

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Hi and welcome to another video tutorial brought to you by iSenseLabs in cooperation with OpenCart.

Today, you will learn how to create discounts using the Coupons in your OpenCart 3 Marketing section.

They are used to create coupon codes your customers can use to purchase products at a discounted price managed by you.

Let’s show how this works.

Go to your dashboard and click on Marketing.

Then select Coupons.

This is where all the coupon codes you created will appear. They will show you data including the coupon value, the duration of the discount and its status.

Let’s create a new coupon to show the process.

To begin, you have the coupon name field. Let’s say we’re making a New Year’s promotion and we’ll call our coupon Happy New Year.

Next is the code. This is where you enter the coupon code itself. That’s what customers will use when purchasing products in your store. It can be random combination of letters and numbers. We’ll enter NEW2018.

And now the discount value.

First, select the type of discount you want to create. Whether it’s gonna be a percentage based discount or a fixed amount.

We’re gonna stick to percentage, and our discount value will be 50%.

The field called total amount is where you determine whether you want the coupon to be available only after customers reach a certain cart total.

For example, if we enter 99, this will mean that customers whose carts are under $99 will NOT be able to use the coupon.

Next, you can select whether you want the coupon to be available only for logged customers, or it can be used by guests as well.

Below is the free shipping setting, which will enable free shipping automatically for the customer if they use the coupon. This must be configured with your shipping strategy in mind.

In the next two fields, you can select to enable the coupon only for specific products or entire categories.

This is in case you don’t want the coupon to be valid for all the products in your store.

Next, define the duration of the discount. You have fields for the start and end date where you can use the calendar to select them.

Below that, you can configure the maximum number of uses for the coupon.

The field underneath is where you can define how many times a single customer can use the discount code.

Last, enable or disable the coupon and you’re done.

And now, let’s demonstrate.

Go to the storefront and add a product to the cart.

Now go to the cart view section and click the dropdown called Use Coupon Code.

Enter the code in the field and click the Apply Coupon button.

All the conditions are met and the discount is available for us. We can now order the product at a 50% lower price.

So, that’s all for the coupons in your OpenCart 3 store. You’re now ready to start creating discounts and running promotions in your store to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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Thanks for watching.

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