How to Start and Track a Marketing Campaign in OpenCart 3.x

Video transcript:

Hi and welcome to another tutorial brought to you by iSenseLabs in collaboration with OpenCart.

Today, the topic is marketing campaigns. More specifically, how they are created and tracked in your OpenCart 3 admin panel.

In OpenCart, creating a marketing campaign means generating a link with a tracking code. The code is used to gather data about the number of clicks and orders made on the link.

Let’s see how it works.

From your dashboard, go to Marketing and then Marketing again.

This is where all your marketing campaign records will be logged.

Click on add new to create a new campaign.

As you see, it’s quite simple.

Give your campaign a name, for instance Happy New Year.

The description is not mandatory, it’s just for your own reference.

Now, this is the tracking code. This is what your store will use to track the clicks and orders made via the link you use for your marketing campaign.

Underneath, you see the examples of how this link should look attached to the URL leading to your store or products when used for marketing purposes.

So, let’s say you want to share a product on Facebook. You add the tracking code to the end of the URL as seen in the examples so your store can track the data.

So, that’s how the marketing campaign is created.

Now let’s see how the results are tracked.

Click Save.

As you see here, you have two fields for Clicks and Orders.

Let’s use one of the links from the examples and open it.

It leads to our store.

Now, you can see that this accounts for one click after refreshing your admin panel.


Now for the orders.

Let’s go back to our store and finish an order.

We add a product to the cart and quickly confirm the purchase.

Now, if you refresh the marketing tracking, you will not notice a change in the numbers.


Because the order is not completed. Once you go to Sales > Orders and mark the order as complete, then you will see it appearing in your marketing tracking.

This means that your store only accounts the completed order for measuring the success of your marketing campaign.

So, that’s basically it!

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Thanks for watching!

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