How to Send Emails Using the Mail Feature in OpenCart 3.x

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Hi and welcome to a new tutorial brought to you by iSenseLabs in cooperation with OpenCart.

Today, you will learn about the Mail system in OpenCart 3 and the default functionality letting you send emails from your store.

The default Mail function uses your store’s main email address to be the email sender and has a few functionalities that can get you started with a simple email marketing or notification strategy.

Let’s check it out.

Go to your OpenCart admin and open your Marketing menu. Then click on Mail.

So, you see a simple interface with just a few fields.

The From field is where you select the store you want to be the sender, in case you’re running a multistore setup.

If not, this remains the default setting.

Next is the field that lets you choose the email recipients.

The dropdown has a few options:

The first is All newsletter subscribers, which obviously sends the email to anyone who subscribed to your newsletter upon signing up.

After that is the All Customers option, which sends the email to all the registered customers in your store.

Then you have the Customer Group option letting you choose a specific group of recipients.

The Customers option lets you email only specific customers. You can enter them by beginning to type their names.

Underneath you can choose to email affiliate groups or specific affiliates.

Lastly, you can choose specific products. This means that the email will be sent to the customers who purchased the products you select.

When you’ve selected your recipients, it’s time to create your email.

You have the two fields for subject and the message itself.

Once you’re ready with them, you can click the Send button.

We’re gonna send this test email for example and jump over to our inbox see what we received.

Yep, everything is in check. The email has been sent.

So, that’s all for today.

You learned how to use the mail system in OpenCart 3.

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Thanks for watching!

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