How to Manage Taxes in OpenCart 3.x

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Welcome to another video tutorial brought to you by iSenseLabs.

Today, you will learn about the Taxes in OpenCart 3.

They are used to estimate and apply local fees or taxes to your products when customers make orders.

To find them, go to System, then Localisation and scroll down to Taxes.

It will appear as a dropdown menu with two sub-menus.

We will start with Tax Rates.

This is where the different types of tax rates are located and configured. Click Add New in the top right.

You start with the tax name. For instance, something like Carbon tax.

The tax rate is the value of the type of tax you’re entering.

Let’s enter 3 and then leave the Type at percentage instead of fixed amount.

You can assign this type of tax only to specific customer groups in this field.

And finally, the Geo Zone that the tax will be applied for.

We explained the Geo Zones in our previous video, so you should know that these are specific regions you setup that will be eligible for this tax.

So, that’s it.

Click save and your new tax rate will be created.

Now, go to Tax Classes.

The two predefined classes are “Downloadable products” and “Taxable goods”.

Click Edit on Taxable goods to view the settings.

As you see, we have a title and description again.

Below, you can add the tax rates you choose to add to this tax class.

For example, we can remove the two entries below and just add the newest tax rate we created.

An important part when you choose the tax rate is to decide what it will be based on - Shipping, payment or store address.

We will select shipping.

Great, click Save now.

Now, to apply the taxes to your products, go to Catalog, Products and edit a product of your choice.

Go to the Data tab and scroll down to the Tax Class field.

This is where you choose the tax class you want so it can be applied to the product when customers order it.

You can view how the taxes are applied by going to your storefront and adding a product to the cart.

Click the cart view and the taxes will be listed in the Order totals.

So, that’s it for now!

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Thanks for watching!

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