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How to Manage Return Statuses in OpenCart 3.x

Video transcript:

Hi and welcome to another video brought to you by iSenseLabs.

Today, we will shed some light on the Return Statuses in your OpenCart 3 store.

In short, there are three different statuses you can manage - Return Status, Return Actions and Return Reasons.

We will show you where each of those is shown and how you can create your own statuses.

Let’s start.

First, from your Dashboard, go to Sales and then Returns.

This is where all the product returns your customer submit will appear. We have two test returns logged right now. As you see by their status, one of them is Complete, the other one is Pending.

Click on Add New.

This is where you can add a product return manually from the admin panel.

Scroll down to the Product Information & Reason for Return section.

This field is the Return Reason status.

It’s what customers select as a reason for their return from your storefront.

Next is the Return Action, which is the decision you take. There are 3 default statuses.

Finally, the Return Status, which is also selected by the store admin.

Now, where are all of these managed?

Go to System, Localisation and then Returns.

You will notice that this is a dropdown with the 3 different statuses in separate menus.

Let’s start with the Return Statuses.

The three default entries you have here are Awaiting Products, Complete and Pending.

Click on Add New to create your own status.

For example, we can enter Shipped Again.

Simply enter the new status name and click Save - that’s it.

You’ll see that the new status appears among the rest of them.

Okay, move onto the next one - Return Actions.

The default entries here are Credit Issued, Refunded, and Replacement Sent.

This status is the one that comes into effect when you process the return and have decided how to resolve the case.

Again, to create a new status, click the Add New button.

For example, we will enter Refund Declined.

Click Save and you’re done.

Last, the Return Reasons.

These reasons are located in the form that your customers submit when they want to return a product.

The default entries include Dead On Arrival, Faulty, Order Error, Wrong Item or Other.

Once more, we click on Add New and add a new return reason. For example Product Does Not Match Description.

Click Save.

That’s it for the Return Statuses.

Let’s go to the storefront to see what your customers will see when they want to submit a product return.

Scroll down and click the Returns link in the Footer.

As you can see, the new return reason now appears among the rest of them in the Product Information section of the returns form.

So, we hope you understand how the return statuses work now. Hit the like button if you learned something new and subscribe to our channel for more upcoming OpenCart 3 tutorials!

Thanks for watching!

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