How to Manage Permissions in OpenCart 3.x

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Hello and welcome to another tutorial brought to you by iSenseLabs in cooperation with OpenCart.

Today, we will show you how to manage the user permissions in your store.

They are used to grant or deny access to certain admin pages for your OpenCart users and user groups.

User permissions consist of two types - access permissions and modify permissions.

Let’s show how they work.

Go to your OpenCart admin and click on System, then Users.

Now click on User Groups.

The two default user groups here are Administrator and Demonstration.

The Administrator group is the one that your user account should be assigned to.

Let’s click Edit on it and see what’s behind it.

You see the user group name and the two separate sections with access and modify permissions.

Each entry in those sections represents a route to a specific menu in your OpenCart admin panel.

For example, the first entry is catalog slash attribute. This means that this is the route to the Attributes in your Catalog section.

Unselecting it and clicking save will remove the access permissions for the Administrator user group.

Let’s show how things work.

We will unselect the design slash layout entry from the access permissions and click Save.

We have opened the layouts in a separate tab over here.

Let’s click Refresh.

The page now shows up the Permission denied message.

If you click the Design dropdown, you will also notice that the Layouts menu no longer shows up.

This means that all the admin menus where you disable permissions will not be visible in your admin panel.

Let’s go back to the User Groups and give another example.

For instance, we will enable the access permissions for the Layouts again, but disable their modify permissions from the section below.

Click Save and go back to the layouts.

They will be visible in the Design section now.

Enter any layout and try to make a change.

You will get a red warning that you don’t have permission to modify the layouts.

So, this is how the user permissions work in OpenCart 3.

You can disable or enable all of them at once for both sections, depending on the user group you’re managing.

User permissions are usually applied if you have more than one administrators in your store, but you don’t want them to have access or modify permissions to every menu.

In case you’ve seen the Permission Denied message before, you now know how to give yourself the permissions you need to access it.

Hope this helped!

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Thanks for watching.

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