How to Manage Geo Zones in OpenCart 3.x

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Welcome to another OpenCart 3 video brought to you by iSenseLabs.

This tutorial will explain a very important part of the settings in your store.

It’s about the Geo Zones.

These are the zones that your store uses for estimating taxes, shipping and payment costs as well as other details about customer orders.

So for example, if you want to offer free shipping just for a specific region, keep watching.

First, go to your admin panel, then click System, Localisation and Geo Zones.

Now, the two default zones you will see here are UK Shipping and UK V A T Zone.

If you click the Add New button at the top right, you will notice that each geo zone has its name, description and the selected countries and zones that you assign to it.

Let’s name our new geozone Pacific United States and enter West Coast in the description.

The states that are on the Pacific Ocean are California, Oregon and Washington.

We need to make a separate entry for each state. So, we click the plus icon, then select United States… and then the state.

Repeat that for each of the three states.

Now, the bigger question.

How to use these Geo Zones?

Three main places in OpenCart.

You can first see them in the tax rates in Localisation. Just one menu below.

They are located here and are used for estimating taxes for the different regions you setup.

Next, go to Extensions > Extensions and click Payments.

Now, select Cash on Delivery for example. If you click the Edit button, you will notice one of the fields inside is for the Geo Zone.

This means that the selected Geo Zone will be the one eligible for this payment method.

So, anyone ordering from the West Coast will get Cash on Delivery as a payment option on their orders.

The next place where you use the Geo zones in OpenCart are the shipping methods.

Go back to the Extensions and click Shipping in the drop down.

Let’s say we want to edit the Free shipping method.

We want only customers from the West Coast to get free shipping so we select the Geo Zone here.

Click Save and you’re all done!

This is how you actually determine which regions can use the specific shipping and payment methods in your OpenCart store.

So, that’s basically it about the Geo zones.

They are very important for your store’s taxes, shipping and payment methods.

Check if the new extensions you install also use Geo zones!

So, hopefully you now know what the geo zones are and how to use them.

That was all for today, give us a like if this was helpful and subscribe to our channel for more OpenCart 3 tutorials!

Thanks for watching!

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