How to Manage Countries and Zones in OpenCart 3.x

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Hi and welcome to another OpenCart tutorial brought to you by iSenseLabs.

This video will be about the countries and zones in your E-Commerce site.

Let’s show you where they are located in your admin panel and how you can edit them if you need to.

The zones and countries are used to let customers enter their addresses when making orders and for calculating taxes and shipping costs.

Go to your OpenCart admin panel, then click on System, Localisation and Countries.

This is the list where you have 239 countries by default in your OpenCart installation.

Since we don’t need to create a new one, let’s just view the default one - United States.

Click the Edit button.

Okay, so this is where you configure the details for your countries.

The first field is obvious - the country name.

ISO Code two is the place where you enter the code that replaces the country name.

In this case, the code here is U S.

ISO Code three is the three letter code that has the same role. For the United States, this is U S A.

Simple, right?

Good, let’s move on.

The Address format is the order of the customer info that your store will request during the checkout.

You can see the different information fields represented by the short codes here.

And in the field itself you can see how the format for the United States is configured by default.

After you’re done with that, you need to select whether you will make the postcode necessary or not.

And finally, enable or disable the country status.

OK, that’s it for the countries. Let’s see the country zones.

These are the different zones or states that each country has.

If you click edit on one of the states, you can edit their zone name, their zone code and use the dropdowns to select the country they belong to and manage their status.

So, that’s basically it.

Let’s go to the storefront and simulate an order to show you where countries are displayed.

Add a product to your cart and begin the checkout.

In the Billing details step, the countries are located under the address your customers enter for receiving their order.

This is where you can see all the countries from the list in the admin panel.

Once a country is selected, you will also be able to select which country zone or state the address belongs to.

And we’re done.

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Thanks for watching!

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