How to Install Extensions in OpenCart 3.x

Hi there! Welcome to another video tutorial brought to you by iSenseLabs in cooperation with OpenCart. This time you’re gonna learn one of the most basic parts of running an OpenCart store. Installing modules. It’s really easy. After you download your module either from the OpenCart marketplace or a third-party vendor, you usually have a ZIP with all the extension files inside. The one you need is the OCMOD dot zip file. This is the module you need to upload to your store. So, let’s show you how! Go to your OpenCart administration and click on Extensions and then on Installer. This is where you manage your module uploads. You have your Install history where you can see all the modules you’ve uploaded, with an option to delete the files using this button. Let’s upload an extension now. We’ve downloaded NitroPack and we’re gonna install it in our store now. Click the Upload button and select the ocmod file. Upload it and wait for the progress bar to finish loading. When it’s done, it means your module files are now uploaded in your OpenCart store. The next step is to go to your Modifications. In OpenCart 3, not all modules come with modifications, due to the new Event system. Still, there are still some extensions that use modifications, so if you’ve installed one of them, you need to hit the Refresh button here. Okay, now your module is ready to be configured. Go to extensions. The dropdown here is used to direct you to the type of extension you just installed. For example, it can be a new shipping or payment method. In our case, it’s a module, so we click on modules. Find the extension you just uploaded and hit the Install button here. After that, hit Edit and enable your new extension. Now you just need to enter your license to receive support and extension updates. You’re now ready to configure the settings and start using your new OpenCart module! So, that’s basically how to install extensions in your store. A helpful tip before we conclude - be careful with the modules you install, especially the free and cheapest ones that you can find in the OpenCart marketplace. Do your research on the developer and make sure that you’re using quality extensions. That’s it for today! Give us a like if this was helpful and subscribe to our channel for more OpenCart 3 tutorials! Thanks for watching!
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