How to Create Product Bundles and Discounts in OpenCart 3.x

Hey guys, welcome to our new OpenCart video. Today’s topic is about increasing your sales with product bundles and how to sell more products at once. This a popular practice that a lot of stores are using to increase the number of products in the customer’s cart. You’ve been to Amazon and you’re probably well familiar with their Frequently bought together section underneath most products. So, question is, can you have the same product bundles in your OpenCart? Sure you can! This is how they look in your store, and you can be sure that they will look great on your theme. You can create product bundles at special prices and assign them to different products and categories in your store. Let’s see how it works. The main settings let you determine whether the discount is going to be applied once or every time the bundle is added to the cart. Also, whether your store will regard taxes while calculating the total. Next, the bundles themselves. Let’s see the one we already created. You can change the bundle name, the SEO keyword, and the description. And this is where you select the products for the bundle. You can select the product, select the quantity and click the Add button. These are the products that customers will be able to add all together for a special price. Underneath is where you select the products and categories that will display the bundle. Next, set the bundle discount. You can select between percentage and a fixed amount. Enter the discount value and you’re basically done. Additionally, you can select the customer groups that will see your bundle, as well as its sort order alongside other bundles. You can also create a bundle that will be enabled at a time and date you select here. Want to customize the bundle even more? Sure! You can wrap it up in a widget. The widget can have its own custom title. Also, you can insert more than one bundle in the same widget. Furthermore, you can randomize the way your bundles are displayed and show different ones each time the page is loaded. You can also choose whether to display the bundle description and enable or disable the “Show all bundles” button. You even have control over the product image dimensions that will be in the widget. And this is how things look like in our store now. You can use Product Bundles to create irresistible deals for your customers. Always remember that the more relevant the products are and the more value they add to each other, the more likely is that customers will want to get all of them together. Get the extension and start giving your customers deals that are impossible to refuse. And don’t forget to let us know how the bundles work for your store! That’s basically it. Give us a like and subscribe to our channel for more video tutorials and tips like that. Thanks for watching!
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