How to Create Filters in OpenCart 3.x

Video transcript:

Hi there! Today we’ll show you how to create filters in OpenCart 3 and give your customers a way to refine their product search and improve their shopping experience.

There are four main steps to adding filters in OpenCart.

Step one. Install the Filter module.

To do that, you need to go to Extensions, click the dropdown and select Modules.

Scroll down until you find the Filter module and click the install button.

Then you need to hit edit, enable the module and click Save.

Step two. Create your filters.

After you install the module, the Filters can be found in your Catalog.

We already have a few filters created so let’s check them out.

The filter group name is called Memory and it’s going to be used for how much RAM there is in a computer.

We got three separate filters that will be available for customers to use and we have arranged them in the order we want.

Step three. Add the filters to a category.

E-Commerce Filters are usually specific to a category of products.

So, we will assign our filters to one of our categories. More precisely - the desktop category.

Open it and go to the Data tab.

The second field is called Filters.

Once you click on it, all your filters should appear so you can start typing the one you’re looking for to find it faster.

We will add our three filters one by one.

All done? Click save.

And now, the final step.

Step four. Assign the filters to the layout.

Go to Design and open your Layouts.

Edit the Category layout. We will add our filter module to the left column of our OpenCart store.

Click the dropdown, select the Filter and click the “Add Module” button.

Now click Save and you’re all done.

Let’s head to the storefront to see how it looks.

Hit refresh… and you have your new filters right there!


So, that’s it. Quite simple, right?

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Thanks for watching.

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