How to Create and Customize Banners in OpenCart 3.x

Banners are used to display linkable images containing promotional or other information around the pages of your store. They are easy to create and customize, so let’s get started. Hi and welcome to another video tutorial brought to you by iSenseLabs in cooperation with OpenCart. This time around, we will show you how to use the banners in your website. The OpenCart banners are a very useful feature for placing product promotions, discounts, or any kind of announcements around the pages of your website. Your banner images can contain links so customers can easily take advantage of the deals. Let’s see how they work. Go to your dashboard and click on Design. Now click Banners. As you see from the predefined examples here, the only thing you need to do is give your Banner a name, enable its status and add some images. The images are uploaded via the image manager. Give it a title and enter the link that you want customers to visit when they see the image. Let’s see how this looks on the storefront. As you can see the image is now added to the slideshow and customers can now open the page it leads to. So, you can use the Banners in your Design section to customize the images and links in the banners around your store. Now let’s show you how to use banners in your modules. Go to extensions and click modules in the dropdown. The first of the default modules using the banners in your store is called Banner. Its purpose is to create multiple modules that you can customize with the banners you create in your Design section. Give your module a name... Select the banner you want to use… Enter the desired width and height you want the module to have and enable its status. Now click save. The other modules using your banners are the Carousel… and Slideshow. All of them work the same way. Give them a name, select the banner and the desired size and enable them. 1140 380 The next step is to choose the layouts that will display your banners. Go back to your Design section and click Layouts. Let’s say you’ve created a banner that you want to display on your category pages. Open your category layout and assign it to the preferred position. Usually, this is Content Top. Click save and view your categories. This is how it looks like in our test store. Pretty cool, right? Now, you can get creative. You learned how to work with the banners in your store and assign them as modules to your layouts. If you want to learn more things about managing your OpenCart store, subscribe to our channel! Give us a like if this video helped you and most of all… thanks for watching!
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