How to Create a Downloadable Product in OpenCart 3.x

Hi and welcome to another video tutorial brought to you by iSenseLabs in cooperation with OpenCart. This time you will learn about the Downloads in your OpenCart 3 store and more specifically - how to create a downloadable product. Just one thing you should know before we start - you will need an appropriate payment method different from Cash on Delivery so the downloadable products can be purchased. Okay, let’s start. Step 1 - add your downloadable file. Go to Catalog and then Downloads. This is where all your downloadable files will be located. Now hit the Add New button. You will notice just three empty fields here. Start with entering the download name. The field called Filename is where you upload the file. The mask is generated automatically, but you can customize it. The important thing to remember here is that the mask should have a name that’s different from the filename, so users can’t link directly to your download. When you’re done, hit the Save button. Step 2 - create your product. After you configure your general product information, go to the Data tab. The important things to setup here, apart from the price, are the following… Tax class - this is where you actually configure the product to be a downloadable file, instead of a regular item. Since it’s a digital product, the subtract stock can be set to No. The stock status can be set at “In Stock”, since you can’t really run out of digital product stock. Last, the Requires Shipping setting can be set to No, since you don’t have a physical product to deliver. Step 3 - add the downloadable to the product. Time to go to the Links tab. Scroll down until you reach the Downloads field. Start typing the name of your desired download in the field and it should appear. Just select it and hit the Save button. Your product should now be done and ready. When you configure all the other details such as description, product images, options and attributes, you can assign it to a category so it shows on the storefront. Let’s view our test product. Here we are. If you remember, we set the price at zero, but you can see it costs $2 here. That’s because of the tax settings of the downloadable products tax class. You can change that from your tax settings that can be found in the localisation tab in your system settings. Now, let’s add the product to the cart and finish the checkout. As we said in the beginning, you need an appropriate payment method that supports the purchase of downloadable products. For our tutorial, we enabled the Bank Transfer method. When we confirm the order, the status has to be Complete for the customer to be able to download the product. Let’s go to Sales, Orders and switch the status to Complete. Hit the Add history button and you should be all done. Now when you go back to the storefront and hit the downloads link, you will be able to see the order with a download button where your customers can get the file. So that’s about it for the downloads in OpenCart 3. We hope you learned something new! Hit the like button if this video helped you and subscribe to our channel for more upcoming OpenCart 3 tutorials! Thanks for watching!
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