How to Add a New Currency in OpenCart 3.x

Video transcript:

Hi and welcome to our new OpenCart 3 tutorial. This time, it’s about the currencies in your E-Commerce site.

You will learn how to add a new currency to your OpenCart 3 site so customers can choose them from your storefront.

Currencies can be selected from the dropdown that appears in the top left corner in your store.

The default ones are US Dollar, Pound and Euro.

To give an example, let’s add a Canadian Dollar.

Go to your admin panel and click System.

After that go to Localisation and click the Currencies tab.

You’ll see just a few fields you need to configure to enter a new currency.

First, the currency title. This is the field where you’re entering the name of your currency. In our case, this is where we enter Canadian Dollar.

Next is the currency code. This means the ISO code of your currency. For the Canadian dollar this is C A D.

The next two fields are where you enter the symbol for the currency.

In our case, the canadian dollar sign is on the left, so we enter it in this field and leave the second one empty.

Next, the decimal places. This setting determines how many digits there will be after the decimal point of a product’s price. We’ll enter 2, as it is in most cases.

Below is the field for the Value of the currency. As we speak, the value of a canadian dollar is 1 point 27581.

And last, the currency status. Select Enabled from the drop down and you are ready to hit Save.

Now, before we head to the storefront to see our new currency, notice this yellow refresh button.

This is the Refresh Currency Values button that you can use to manually update the values of your currencies.

OK, let’s head to the storefront.

Refresh the page and click the currency dropdown.

There’s our new Canadian dollar.

One more important thing before we conclude. If you go back to your System Settings and open the Local tab, there’s a setting called Auto Update Currency that you can enable or disable.

This will update all your currency values each day.

So, this is all for now.

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Thanks for watching!

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