How to Add a Custom Stock Status in OpenCart 3.x

Video transcript:

Hi and welcome to another OpenCart 3 video tutorial.

Time to understand how to use the stock statuses in your E-Commerce website.

You will learn how to change the stock status of products when their availability changes, and how to create a custom status.

Even better, we will demonstrate how this is done in a multilingual environment.

Let’s begin!

In the OpenCart product pages, the stock status is shown here. In this case, the product’s availability is In Stock.

The question is... how to change that?

Go to your dashboard and open your catalog.

Click on products and choose a product that you want to modify.

Go to the Data tab and scroll down.

This is where the Out of Stock Status setting is located.

The four default statuses are 2-3 Days, In Stock, Out of Stock and Pre-Order.

Luckily, OpenCart has a built-in functionality that lets you expand this list with any custom status you want to have.

To do that, go to System, Localisation and then Stock Statuses.

You can see the default entries here. You can use them, edit them or delete them and create new ones.

Let’s click the Add New button to see how a new stock status is created.

By default, you will only have the english field, but in our case we’re demonstrating a multilingual scenario.

Let’s enter a Sold Out stock status. You will notice that if you try to save it like that, the system won’t allow it unless you enter the status in the second language as well.

Let’s enter the equivalent of Sold Out in Portuguese and click Save.

And we’re done!

Now, let’s choose a product and use the new stock status.

Go back to catalog, products and choose your product.

We’ll change the quantity to zero.

You will see the new Sold Out status appearing in the dropdown.

Select it and click Save.

Now, let’s go to the storefront.

Refresh the page and you will see the new stock status in effect.

Let’s test it out! Add the product to the cart and begin the checkout.

You will notice the warning sign saying that the products in the cart are not available.

Well, that’s basically it!

You’re now ready to work with the stock status settings in your OpenCart store.

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Thanks for watching!

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