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Selling security equipment means customers should be confident in your products. Videos are one of the best ways to showcase quality items, customer reviews inspire trust, and showing similar products helps guide better purchasing decisions.

Inspired by, where the equipment is described in deep detail using videos and quotes from happy customers.



Selling fresh bio foods and organic goods is all about quality. To highlight that, strap your site with quality features that will give customers irresistible offers, social proof that your products have a real effect, and free shipping if your conditions are met.

Inspired by, a store with a special bundles section, specific conditions for free shipping, as well as a section where customers share photos with their products.



Unique art and antiques are high value items that need an exclusive presentation to grasp the interest of potential buyers. Features like requesting a quote or comparing prices can provide a more user-friendly experience for your customers.

Inspired by, where antique enthusiasts can get request more information with a click of a button.



There are two styles of shopping for industrial supplies. One is when a handyman goes in and gets exactly what they need. The other is when customers don’t exactly know what a screwdriver is for. In both cases, users might need to contact you for product enquiries, look for customer reviews proving reliability and accurate suggestions for related products.

Inspired by, where you will not miss stock updates about unavailable products and receive very precise recommendations for related goods.



Big stores that sell maintenance equipment and materials focus on convenience for customers to easily learn all the details and specifications of a given product before purchase. Another cool idea is to share DIY ideas and guides via a blog, and offer store pickup services for supplies with shipping restrictions.

Inspired by, where you can view DIY projects and ideas in their blog, pick up your materials from their store, and ask questions about separate products using a form.



iSenseLabs suggestions on how to enhance your video, news or magazine eCommerce store.


Tobacco and Vaping

Vaping is less harmful than cigarettes, comes in all flavors and helps smokers quit cigarettes. Here are our recommendations for clients in the vaping and tobacco industries.


Business Services

Collection of recommended modules for any business services.



Ask for quote, volume pricing, notifying customers when a product is back in stock are among the musts for every wholeseller. See what else can help your business stand out.