Art and Culture

Create an artistic feel that showcases the products in your art & culture store to captivate your customer’s imagination.



Running a successful art store means to form relationships with customers and requires a social approach. The 6 modules we suggest include solutions for showcasing your artwork in a better light, giving incentives, and making your OpenCart site more accessible and visible for social media users.

Inspired by, where they allow users to login with Facebook, have a shop section in their Facebook page and own a beautiful blog with examples ideas for artful decoration.



Music stores often deal with substantial amounts of products and are usually visited by shoppers who already have an idea of their taste and what they need. A powerful search, quick purchasing options and a feature to create enticing bundles will gain your site a lot of favor among music lovers.

Inspired by, where you can pre-order music and enjoy their newsletter with features, interviews and reviews.



Ratings, viewer comments and professional reviews are a must-have for any movie store. The suggestions we have picked enable you to give your site the necessary features that ease your customers in sharing their thoughts and making faster purchasing decisions.

Inspired by, a site featuring a must-have comment section where viewers can share their reviews and an intuitive WordPress-styled section with hot news about the movie industry.