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GiftTeaser is a great tool to boost sales by offering free gifts under different conditions.
GiftTeaserGet a free gift upon purchase
GiftTeaser - Get a free gift upon purchase
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Add Instagram shoppable posts and drive more online sales to your OpenCart store. Select the Instagram hashtag you want to use to display posts and add them to a custom Instagram shoppable feed in your OpenCart site. Customers will be able to view all the photos from Instagram you choose and will be able to add the products they see to their cart straight from the photos. Instagram is a huge sales channel for E-Commerce sites as it enables you to skyrocket your engagement with customers.
InstagramShopGalleryShoppable Instagram Feed for OpenCart
InstagramShopGallery - Shoppable Instagram Feed for OpenCart
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Create promotions backed by scientific research: Promotions are all around us.
PromotionsMarket-Proven Promotions That Bring Sales
Promotions - Market-Proven Promotions That Bring Sales
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Success Stories: Garlana growth in e-commerce
Ricard Pons, owner of Garlana Restaurants and proud customer of iSenseLabs is sharing his story with going into e-commerce. Garlana is an example of successful expansion from brick-and-mortar to online business.
Mobile website or mobile app?
As an e-commerce store owner in the ever-growing mobile market, it is time to choose the right mobile strategy for your budget. Which type of mobile presence is best for your store - mobile website or mobile application? In this blog post we hope that we will help you to decide which type of mobile presence to use for your business.
Best budget OpenCart extensions to grow your business
From payment gateways to analytics tools, shipping modules to language modifiers, the OpenCart Extension Directory is packed with integrations that empower your online business, or maybe just make day-to-day business functions run a little smoother. At the time of this article, the OpenCart Extension Directory has over 16,000 extensions to choose from, not only making the search tedious, but intimidating.
Tips for eCommerce Email Marketing Success
More than 90% of all e-commerce businesses rely on e-mail marketing as a sales and marketing channel On the other hand, around 90% of the customers chose e-mail newsletter as the preferred communication for receiving updates, marketing campaigns and useful information for the subscribed services. Do these numbers motivate you to ethink your e-mail marketing strategy and grasp its vital effect on your eCommerce business? Keep on reading and you will find strategies and tips for email marketing success, useful e-commerce marketing statistics, as well as a few examples to take into account before your next big e-mail campaign.
Reach New Heights by Strapping Your Opencart Store with SalesForecast
You need real data and information to make major business decisions. To obtain this data, you need tools to analyze metrics and make accurate forecasts. Predicting sales is a fundamental part of running and growing any type of E-Commerce business. SalesForecast lets you project expected sales and revenue for a period you select.
7 Black Friday Strategies Still Relevant for 2015
Thanksgiving is almost here, and so is Black Friday, which is why big and small businesses are preparing to seize the busiest shopping day of the year.
6 Free OpenCart 2.x Modules for Going Social & Staying Connected
Social media became a fundamental part of our lives long ago, and it affects each aspect of our daily routine - we check Facebook right after waking up, we’re on Twitter when things go viral, and we’re taking photos with Instagram when having fun.
11 Bestselling OpenCart Modules from iSenseLabs in 2015
Tailoring your OpenCart store can be very exciting with all the diverse modules and unlimited customization you can do. We decided to gather up some data and show you the most favored and trending modules we had in 2015.
How to Improve Email Marketing Using Principles of UX Design
Email marketing and UX design are two sensitive topics for the E-Commerce industry. Being an online store without email outreach or user-friendly design is never a successful strategy. However, even those who are already doing it face challenges when it comes to engagement and conversion. To make your email campaigns work, you have to understand that it’s just a part of the entire user experience you want to create for reaching your customers.
New Features, Module Fixes and Latest News. iSenseLabs Weekly #8
Welcome to our weekly updates. Due to the holidays past week, the iSenseLabs team is working hard to compensate and we have a lot to be proud of.
How Social Discounts Increase Engagement and E-Commerce Sales at Once
Social media platforms enable a more personal and open level of communication. Our feed shows that many businesses prefer to interact with customers by liking, tweeting, commenting and sharing content. This type of communication expands their reach and opens up new marketing possibilities.
Customer Retention Strategy: 10 Appealing Exit Popups with Discount Hooks
Popups are a controversial topic that give some people the chills, while others the thrills. In this blog post, we will view exit popups as a customer retention method. They can help you keep incoming traffic in your store while generating more leads.
OpenCart Communities - A Source of Know-How, Inspiration and Support
Being an entrepreneur with an online business is a tempting challenge. The good thing is that a strong community helps itself in overcoming that challenge by sharing know-how, experience and making real progress.
Increase Traffic in OpenCart with These 5 Proven Ideas
You have just opened the virtual doors to your brand new OpenCart online store. You are feeling proud and excited to start doing business with customers. But where are the customers?
OpenCart Enhancement with Industry-Specific Extensions Designed for Your Store
We have based our recommendations on 5 years of first-hand experience with over 30,000 OpenCart stores from all possible industries.
SmartBar - Promote Products and Sales. Increase Social Following. Communicate Important Messages
We’re very excited for the release of SmartBar. SmartBar is an extension that lets you create and add a banner at the top and/or bottom of your website.
All You Need to Know About the OpenCart 2.x Slider
If there is one place for beautiful images and visuals in OpenCart, it’s the Slideshow. This is where you can place marketing materials such as promotions, product announcements, discounts, as well as Call-to-Action buttons that invite users to a product page.
iSenseLabs Announces FacebookStore for OpenCart
After weeks of hard work, our team is happy to introduce FacebookStore for OpenCart! With a few clicks, FacebookStore connects your OpenCart store to Facebook and allows you to sell products on your Facebook Page.
Increase Sales in OpenCart Using the Scarcity Principle
Is your OpenCart store struggling with generating enough orders? Are you interested in increasing the desire of customers to make a purchase, instead of leaving with an empty cart?
Top 5 Most Essential Facebook Ecommerce Extensions for OpenCart 2.x
Facebook has been a part of setting new standards for online businesses. Thanks to their advancements in advertising and mobile use, thousands of new and seasoned brands have grown their business, audience and potential.
10 High Impact OpenCart 2.3 Extensions that Raise Your E-Commerce Sales
In this blog post, we want to show you some of the modules that are compatible with OpenCart 2.3 and why they are among the essential tools for getting your online business to the next level.
Success Story: How CarCoverUniverse Achieved 2x Monthly Growth with OpenCart
There’s nothing more inspiring than a beautiful story of how one business experienced the dream of every entrepreneur - rapid growth. We will show you the story behind the immense success behind CarCoverUniverse.
How to Outsell Your Competitors with Creative OpenCart Promotions
Product promotions are a classic market strategy for every merchant who wants to gain more customers and have an edge over the competition.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 40] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
iSenseLabs Weekly just turned 40! We’ve made some changes how we present our weekly progress and have enriched the bonus section with one of our latest projects - iSenseLabs videos.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 45] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
It was a busy week at the labs and we are ready to present our newest OpenCart extension upgrades. We’ve added some new module features and did a lot of improvements.
Top 15 Most Alluring Slideshows We Found in OpenCart Websites
What’s the quickest and most attractive way to promote your products to your store visitors the second they open your E-Commerce website? You guessed it - the slider on your home page. You can showcase your greatest products without making the customer scroll or click anywhere else.
11 Most Popular & Bestselling OpenCart Extensions from iSenseLabs in 2016
OpenCart has one of the biggest marketplaces for free and premium extensions when compared to other E-Commerce platforms. Given that the shopping cart is open-source and fully customizable, it might be difficult to choose all the right modules for your exact store requirements.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 48] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
2016 was a year that can hardly be described with a few words. Even a few sentences wouldn’t be enough. Surely, it was an awesome year for us at iSenseLabs and hopefully it was for you as well.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 47] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
The holidays are almost here and the Christmas spirit is strong in the labs. This is the last iSenseLabs weekly post for 2016 and we are excited to bring you the updates.
13 Reasons Why Your OpenCart Store is Failing to Sell
Every E-Commerce website out there is struggling to get more sales, more customers, more traffic. It’s essential for the growth of your online store.
OpenCart vs Magento - Create an Online Store that Fits Your Business
In this comparison, we will try to explain how OpenCart and Magento differ in terms of architecture, functionality, performance and cost. This is written for entrepreneurs who want to build an E-Commerce store and are choosing between the two open-source platforms.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 54] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
We’ve been working on some very big updates with NitroPack, AbandonedCarts and many of our other modules.
Top 10 Mouthwatering Food And Drinks OpenCart Themes
Trying to make your OpenCart store appealing to foodies and wine enthusiasts? Here's a collection of 10 OpenCart themes designed to turn your store into an irresistible showcase of quality food and drinks.
Promotions Q&A
Today we will do a Q & A for one of our newer modules Promotions. Promotions comes with of hundreds of different options to make your store promotion unique and allows you to set up pretty much any type of promotions.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 57] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
This is one of the strongest weeks we’ve had so far, as far as updating OpenCart extensions goes.
10 Must-Have OpenCart Extensions To Kickstart A New Website in 2017
E-Commerce just keeps growing and more entrepreneurs are trying to leave their mark on the digital landscape. Naturally, this means that the competition across all industries is growing as well, which creates the necessity to offer more value, create better experiences and build user-friendly websites that make shopping online simpler and intuitive.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 59] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
Time for another weekly update! We’re glad to announce that we made some more progress with SEO Backpack, our newest OpenCart extension.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 60] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
Our Weekly posts turn 60 today! Sharing all of our OpenCart module updates with you is a pleasure for us and we hope you find these posts useful.
15 Responsive OpenCart Themes Improving Your E-Commerce Experience
Your OpenCart theme is what sets your store apart from the competitors. Choosing the right template for OpenCart is not easy, which is why we found 15 of the best responsive E-Commerce themes and decided to share them with you.
Top 8 Reasons Why Your OpenCart Shop Must be on Instagram
Just a few seconds after browsing Instagram for the first time, you notice that it’s simply not like any other social media platform out there.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 71] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
The big news this week is that we officially launched Square for OpenCart! We’ve been working with the payment provider for a while now and the new integration is now ready and available for OpenCart store owners to install.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 73] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
Time to wrap up what we did during the past week. There are a lot of modules with OpenCart 3.0 compatibility, but we’re still working on increasing their number.
How to Promote Your OpenCart 3 Products Like a Pro
Let’s see how to run successful promotions in the new OpenCart 3. A profitable sales strategy cannot go without deals and promo offers.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 75] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
During the past week we made some significant progress with updating our modules for OpenCart 3.0.
5 OpenCart 3.x Compatible Modules to Help Your Sales Grow
Enabling OpenCart store owners to sell more is what iSenseLabs is all about, so our updates started coming out very soon after OpenCart 3 was released.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 78] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
The iSenseLabs team has been working on something very special for OpenCart 3.x, and we are very thrilled to finally make the announcement.
A Gaming Store that Triggered Triple Growth in Revenue with OpenCart
This story comes from Gramno, a gaming site that started with WordPress and WooCommerce, but eventually made the decisive move to OpenCart and that’s what started a rapid change.
4 Spot-Fixes to Transition Your E-Commerce Business to Automation
Thankfully, retailers can easily automate much of those time-consuming tasks and free up time in your day that you can dedicate to more productive tasks – whether they be improving your business or your golf swing.
Black Friday Cyber Monday Weekend Overview: The 10 Most Desired OpenCart Modules
A roundup of the most purchased OpenCart modules during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What type of functionality do OpenCart store owners want the most?
[iSenseLabs Weekly 85] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
Time for our weekly wrap up of updated OpenCart modules and favorite E-Commerce articles! Don't miss the latest OpenCart 3.0 video tutorial as well!
15 Bestselling OpenCart Extensions for 2017
15 OpenCart extensions you will need for 2018. These were the most popular tools for OpenCart store owners during the last year.
[iSenseLabs Weekly 91] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News
It's Friday again and at iSenseLabs we end another week with a long list of new OpenCart 3.x module releases and updates.
Improve Your OpenCart Data Tracking & Analytics with the ADV Reports
Announcing the improved ADV Reports for OpenCart. Improved E-Commerce data analytics and tracking for better business decisions.
iSenseLabs Weekly 102: What's New in Your OpenCart Extensions
25th May 2018 is when the General Data Protection Regulation enacted by the EU will come into effect. Is your OpenCart website GDPR compliant?
10 New OpenCart Themes for Best E-Commerce Design in 2018
OpenCart themes need to be responsive, fast and adaptable to your online store. Take a look at these Premium OpenCart themes that improve shopping experience.
How to Sell More in OpenCart with a Shoppable Instagram Gallery
Increase your online sales using Instagram user generated content in a beautiful shoppable Instagram gallery in your OpenCart website.
iSenseLabs Weekly 116: What's New in Your OpenCart Extensions
More and more of our OpenCart extensions are getting updated with Journal 3 compatibility.
2018 in Review: The Best Resources and OpenCart Extensions by iSenseLabs
Let’s see the most popular content released by iSenseLabs about OpenCart in the past year. It now comes in different forms spanning over blog posts, infographics, step-by-step tutorials and videos.
OpenCart Updates: 2020 starts with some notable updates
2020 is starting strong for our OpenCart development. Here are some of the notable updates for some of the OpenCart offerings in the past two weeks.
The e-commerce business in a covid-19 world
There is no better time than now for starting an online business. Statistics show a nearly 40% jump for e-commerce since the beginning of March.
Crazy Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deals! Get up to 50% OFF
BlackFriday starts crazy early this year! We have our usual sitewide discount + some amazing handpicked offers for some of our most wanted extensions:
OpenCart module Updates 2020: Final wave
The last module update we summarized here was back in May 2020. From that point forward we have released multiple updates, improvements and bug fixes for a big amount of our extensions. Here is the full list of updates we are finishing the year with:
The best Shopify app deals this Black Friday
What sounds better than a Black Friday weekend?... That's right, a Black Friday month! The biggest sale event of the year is just around the corner, and we know how excited you are for the upcoming month. However, we think that your customers are not the only ones who deserve a good deal for the holiday season. That is why we gathered some exclusive Shopify app deals
Early Black Friday promo offers for all OpenCart extensions
Our special Black Friday deals for OpenCart are already live! We have an exclusive offer for some of the most popular extensions as well as our usual sitewide discount. Let's check them out:
Special Christmas deals for Opencart
It is that time of the year again! Time for celebrations and spreading holiday cheer. As usual, we have our special Christmas deals on some of the most popular Opencart extensions. Let's jump right into the good stuff: