Store Locator & Map

Show all your stores with a beautiful interactive map!

  • Store Locator & Map
  • Store Locator & Map
  • Store Locator & Map
  • Store Locator & Map
  • Store Locator & Map
  • Store Locator & Map
What is Store Locator & Map?
Our Store Locator app will help you show all your physical stores in a single page in your Shopify website. With our app, you can add an unlimited number of store addresses that will be conveniently displayed and ordered as per your personal preferences.

App Features
  • Quick setup. Get up and running for a couple of minutes
  • Easy to use and mobile-friendly admin panel
  • Mobile-friendly - the store listing page works on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices
  • Our app uses the official Google Maps interface, which is proven to deliver the most accurate results
  • No limits on locations. You can add an unlimited number of stores to the "Our Stores" page
  • For each store, you can add information like name, phone number, e-mail address, store address, and postcode (ZIP code)
  • There is a search field with autocomplete option for the listing page, so if you have many stores, your visitors will be able to find the one they need quickly
  • You can manage the zoom level of the map per store. This is how it will look like on the front of your store for your customers
  • The "Sort Order" field will help you arrange the stores in a specific order. You can choose between manual ordering or alphabetical ordering
  • Info popup for each store, with images (if applicable)
  • Autocomplete search in the store listing page
  • No site overhead - it will not make your store slower, and it will not affect SEO

  • General Settings
  • You can easily change the stores listing page title. For Instance: Our stores, Physical Locations, Store Map Locations, etc
  • You will be able to change the font sizes for the following fields: store name, store address, store email and store phone number
  • Color Options - you will be able to change the store name color as well as the background of the whole page
  • Map Designs - you can choose between six beautiful templates for the map design layout on your storefront. Choose the one that suits your theme best
  • Custom CSS - add custom styles to the store locator page
    Import/Export - with CSV files
  • List only the stores visible on the map - useful for listings with many stores

  • How to start
    You can get up and running in minutes. Just click on the big 'Add app' button on this page to install it. After that, you just have to open the app and start adding stores. No coding is required! It is a one-click install, and it has a comprehensive Help Center.

    15-day free trial
    You have plenty of time to do experiments! Our solution is coming with a 15-day free trial period, with all functionalities enabled for you to try.

    Want to know more about our app? Feel free to get in touch with us! Our highly-experienced support team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.
    • Google Maps integration

      Google Maps integration

      You can create a location simply by choosing an address in Google Maps. A Search bar with auto-complete support is also included.

    • Interactive map view

      Interactive map view

      The store listing gets automatically updated based on the current map view. You can also sort the stores alphabetically/manually with ease.

    • Customizable listing page

      Customizable listing page

      Choose between a variety of templates + fonts and colors for each section on the Store Locator page. CSV Import/Export.

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