Extensions Installer issue when FTP support disabled

  • QuickFix - Extensions Installer issue when FTP support disabled
The issue: Could not connect as ...

If you get an error below saying "Could not connect as ......" while uploading your zipped extensions via the Extension Installer, you probably have the FTP support disabled from your hosting.

This tiny ocmod extension code fixes this.

This is a mod for the new OCMOD modification system in OpenCart 2.0. It allows you to install zipped extensions without the need for FTP support on your server.
  • Community Support

    Community Support

    This is a free extension and comes with community support only. You can get community support by accessing the iSenseLabs Community Forum.

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Such a brilliant fix - was tearing my hair out so a MASSIVE thank you! for this.

deebee, OpenCart UserJune, 2016

Big Thanks!!!

papamuzzy, OpenCart UserAugust, 2016

Thank you. You've saved me possibly hours of grief and my sanity!

kelly-anne, OpenCart UserDecember, 2015

Thank you so much for providing this for free!! Should be standard in OpenCart.

rudys, OpenCart UserJanuary, 2016

Thank you very much.... Really you saved my day..

sandeep_admin, OpenCart UserMarch, 2016

You just saved me an hour more of troubleshooting and a possible migraine headache. Thanks so much!

audexlab, OpenCart UserSeptember, 2015

this is awesome! it helps! thank you!!

michaelchh, OpenCart UserNovember, 2015

Many thanks!! Your mod possibly saved me from switching hosts again :))

cnagent, OpenCart UserMay, 2015

Thank you for this fix! Was pulling my hair out thinking there was an issue with my install.

mginop, OpenCart UserAugust, 2015