PDF Invoice Lite

  • PDF Invoice Lite
  • PDF Invoice Lite
  • PDF Invoice Lite
  • PDF Invoice Lite
Send PDF invoices to your customers, the invoice can also be download from customer account and in admin at anytime.
  • Choose how to send the PDF invoice

    Choose how to send the PDF invoice

    Determine when you want the invoice attached to an email, a copy of the PDF invoice and/or e-mail can be sent to the administrator's e-mail address and a Pdf file can be generated in the backoffice or sent to the administrator.

  • Enjoy Invoice options

    Enjoy Invoice options

    Customize the template, add your own logo and define the columns you want to display on the invoice (product name, image, quantity, etc).

  • Automatized service

    Automatized service

    Pdf invoice will be automatically generated and available for download in the customer account and the admin orders section.

  • VAT/IVA Number

    VAT/IVA Number

    This module manages the VAT / IVA number of the store and the customer. The VAT function allows you to include in the invoice the VAT number (in other countries: IVA, VAT number, Tax Code, Partita IVA, ...) and the company ID.

  • Multilingual support

    Multilingual support

    Global exchange with multilingual support for filename and custom text block, right to left languages support (Arabic, Hebrew, ...), asian languages support (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), etc.

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