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OpenCart Nginx Compatibility

  • OpenCart Nginx Compatibility
This script patches your OpenCart and Nginx configuration so that your OpenCart can run on Nginx with all its native features. The script also checks the system for required configuration for running software like OpenCart on Nginx. You will also find information on how to deal with common issues when installing OpenCart on Nginx.
  • Complete Integration

    Complete Integration

    Nginx compatibility module offers complete freedom to run Nginx as a server without losing any of the default native OpenCart functions like SEO URLs, favicon, robots, etc.

  • Compatible with All Themes

    Compatible with All Themes

    Nginx OpenCart integration is fully compatible and guarantees 100% default working OpenCart functionality.

  • Premium Support

    Premium Support

    By purchasing Nginx compatibility, you are entitled to 1 Year Premium Support that will get you up and going with the integration. You are also granted access to our ticket/feature request system as well as to module updates, current promotions, special bundles etc...

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This plugin seems a killer app in making the move to NGINX for OpenCart that much easier. I think it deserves a 5 star rating,

Moogle Slitzkin, OpenCart UserFebruary, 2014