Send an email on each product return request

  • MailOnReturn - Notify Admin For Product Return
The module will send out a new email for each product return request in your store. Email contains the following - customer name, email and phone, the order ID and the ordered date, product name and model, the reason and comment for the return request.
  • Product Return Notification

    Product Return Notification

    The store admin receives an email notification when a product is returned.

  • Email with Extensive Information

    Email with Extensive Information

    You will receive customer details including Name, email, phone number, order ID, order date, product date, model, as well as the reason and comment for the return request.

  • Community Support

    Community Support

    This is a free extension and comes with community support only. You can get community support by accessing the iSenseLabs Community Forum.

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MailOnReturn works great on Thank you for this extension!

loukiad, OpenCart UserFebruary, 2016