Professional Product Image Labeler

  • LabelMaker - Professional Product Image Labeler
  • LabelMaker - Professional Product Image Labeler
  • LabelMaker - Professional Product Image Labeler
  • LabelMaker - Professional Product Image Labeler
  • LabelMaker - Professional Product Image Labeler
  • LabelMaker - Professional Product Image Labeler
  • LabelMaker - Professional Product Image Labeler
The most advanced and easy-to-use label editor for your product images. LabelMaker allows you to add highly configurable labels/stickers/corner images to your products.

For the first time in OpenCart you can add, rotate, edit and move stickers/labels to any product without using any third party software. You can choose to upload a label or use a premade one. You can position them with sharpshooter accuracy.

Main Features:

Features available for all supported OpenCart versions
✯ Live label rotation, move and resize straight from the admin panel - no third party software needed!
✯ Apply labels to Products in specific category, specific products, product types or match special conditions
✯ Choose whether to apply the label to additional images
✯ Label filtering by product manufacturer
✯ Label filtering by out of stock status
✯ Label auto scaling
✯ Label can be added if the product quantity is between two values.
✯ Label can be named for an easier integration
✯ Multilingual settings for labels
✯ Apply label to thumbnails
✯ Apply label to Bestsellers, Specials, Featured, Latest
✯ Apply label if quantity is more than/less than/equal to
✯ Apply label if price is more than/less than/equal to
✯ Add label text, font color, font size
✯ Upload custom label images
✯ Use built in images
✯ Upload images to only specific product sizes
✯ Choose label opacity
✯ Offset label
✯ Multistore compatible
✯ Make sure to check this module's release Log for latest features, version releases, improvements and bug fixes

Features available only on OpenCart 1.5.6.x and 2.x.
✯ You can also stack labels and position them with sharpshooter accuracy
✯ Full GoogleFonts integration
✯ One-click Generate label from text
✯ Upload custom label images or use predefined ones
  • Multilingual Labels

    Multilingual Labels

    Apply different labels for different store languages. Non UTF-8 language characters in label text are also supported.

  • Product Labeling

    Product Labeling

    You can choose to apply a label to specific products, products in a category or the products of a manufacturer. Filtering by product types, such as bestsellers, latest, featured or special products. You can also apply labels to products by price, quantity or stock status.

  • Move, Resize and Rotate

    Move, Resize and Rotate

    LabelMaker allows you to easily position and edit label images. Rotate, resize and stack image layers (only on OpenCart 1.5.x and OpenCart 2.x.) to create awesome labels for your products, without using a professional image editing software.

  • Advanced Image Editor

    Advanced Image Editor

    Apply labels only to specific image sizes. Adjust label opacity and choose starting offset position for layers. Receive detailed information about a layer by simply hovering over it.

  • Google Fonts Integrated

    Google Fonts Integrated

    Generate label text using custom Google Fonts. All the fonts from the Google Fonts catalog are available for download and later use in the module.

  • Upload or Use Built-in Images

    Upload or Use Built-in Images

    Upload your own images or make use of the built-in images, when creating labels.

  • Multi-Store Compatible

    Multi-Store Compatible

    Use LabelMaker across multiple OpenCart stores seamlessly. Apply different labels to products in different stores.

  • Journal Theme Compatible

    Journal Theme Compatible

    LabelMaker is fully compatible with Journal OpenCart Theme.

  • Unparalleled Support

    Unparalleled Support

    From module build FAQ to Comprehensive Module documentation. From Community Forum to private home-build Ticket Support System. Over 95% customer satisfaction rating and 48 hours Guaranteed response time. We've got your back.

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Great product and great support, Thank you!

fansonsale2, OpenCart UserMay, 2015

Great module - great support, got no words, stunned. Good job! We highly recommend. - Furuheim mote Team.

FM1, OpenCart UserJuly, 2015

This extension is fantastic, and the support that goes with it is above what you would expect | Overall one of the most enjoyable companies to work with too. Great programming skills, and the communication is very good too - I would recommend purchasing this for your store :)

Ashton Willey , iSenseLabs UserSeptember, 2016

I really liked the support. It was quick and efficient.

Cor Riezouw, klanten.dewebmakers.nlSeptember, 2017

Support was great, thanks!

Chris Wright, vbay.storeSeptember, 2017