Ajax Quick Checkout

One page checkout without steps

  • Ajax Quick Checkout
  • Ajax Quick Checkout
We had a dream – create a powerful and beautiful solution, yet simple and quick to administrate. With your help we created something even better. Now the checkout has social logins, can be placed anywhere on the shop and customized as you want. Thank you for being part of our dream
  • Show and Hide or Require the Fields

    Show and Hide or Require the Fields

    Too many fields? Not a problem – hide them. You are free to require all the fields or not require them at all – its up to you.

  • Social Login Inside

    Social Login Inside

    We added our social logins module inside. You get to set three Login buttons: Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. For more social logins – you can purchase the full version.

  • Analytics


    See the insights on how your checkout performs and how to optimize it by learning your customer behaviour and offering the best checkout experience

  • AB Testing

    AB Testing

    Now you can try different settings of your checkout. Set probably and config different checkouts. Get the rating of each settings and choose the one that performs best.

  • Multi-store


    Our extensions are multi-store. But with the AQC you can also set up different designs and styles of the checkout for different shops. Unlimited possibilities.

  • We support the most popular templates

    We support the most popular templates

    Being the most used checkout on the market your theme will be happy that you have installed AQC. It just feels right.

  • Style is everything

    Style is everything

    Design sells - we know this. Thats why we added the ability to extend the themes of the checkout. There are 5 themes at the moment - but there will be more. If you are a developer - feel free to create your own new theme.

  • Payment and shipping methods

    Payment and shipping methods

    We support most of the payment and shipping methods available. The data flow is identical to the OpenCart default checkout so you can use all the default methods with AQC. For those that are a bit tricky, we offer support. We are here for you.

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