NitroPack IO • OpenCart 2.0.x to 3.0.x

- New feature: Add an update tool.
- New feature: Option to include category paths in the sitemap product URLs.
- Improvement: The NitroPack modification is no longer breaking the site in case the files are missing.
- Improvement: Better compatibility on custom OpenCart Modification systems and theme overrides.
- Improvement: Any outdated local cache is now automatically cleaned up upon visiting the settings panel.
- Improvement: Cache Warmup irrelevant background errors are suppressed and are only logged in the error/debug logs.
- Improvement: In case of a variation cookie change, resulting from an action in the Journal 2 and Journal 3 themes, will always purge the whole page cache.
- Improvement: For debugging purposes, the service is receiving an event notification in case of an uninstallation.
- Improvement: To save up page optimizations the route product/search is no longer a default supported route. Admins have the option to include it manually.
- Improvement: (Only on OC 3.x) The uninstall method under Extension Installer now triggers the NitroPack uninstall method, effectively unhooking the extension from all stores.
- Improvement: Add compatibility with Category Multi Parent by Dalibor.
- Improvement: Better performance when fetching the optimized content.
- Bug fix: Moved the cache storage directory under DIR_STORAGE/nitropackio. On OpenCart versions not supporting DIR_STORAGE, the cache directory is still under DIR_CACHE/nitropackio.
- Bug fix: The shutdown function had issues with extensions using an output buffer in Library\Cart.
- Bug fix: The setting.json file is no longer emptied before writing, alleviating an error saying is disconnected.
- Bug fix: Fix the cookie detection for Cache Warmup on Journal 2 and Journal 3.
- Bug fix: Fix styling issue with the optimized page cart placeholder.
- Bug fix: Login redirect in case the session expires would sometimes lead to an AJAX URL.
- Bug fix: Minor fix to the difference detector of Automatic Cache Clear.

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