How To Improve Your OpenCart 3.0 Information Pages (+15 Inspiring About Us Examples)

The Information section in your OpenCart 3.0 admin panel is where you configure your About Us page, and the other important info pages in your footer.
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Beginner's Guide: How to Setup The New Reports in OpenCart 3.0

July 13, 2017
As you may have noticed, OpenCart 3.0 was officially released! One of the changes in OpenCart 3.0 is the new layout of the Reports menu in the Admin panel.
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Beginner's Guide: How to Use the Language Editor in OpenCart 3.0

OpenCart 3.0 introduced a lot of major new features that completely change the way OpenCart admins interact with their store. The Language Editor is one of them.
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How to Create Successful Marketing Campaigns in OpenCart

You can create and manage marketing campaigns from your admin panel in OpenCart. This is possible since OpenCart 2.0.x introduced the Marketing Tracking section, which we will review in this post.
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How to Install Themes in OpenCart 2.3.x?

June 19, 2017
A quick and budget way to make your e-commerce website better looking is by applying themes to your OpenCart platform. This tutorial will take you through the steps of the installation process.
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How to Work with the OpenCart Image Manager

Uploading images in OpenCart is very easy and accessible from multiple places. You can find and open the image manager on every admin panel section where images can be added.
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How to Setup URL Redirects in OpenCart (With and Without Extensions)

April 27, 2017
Every website can come at a point where there are a few broken links, some outdated content or removed pages. All of that leaves some links that need to be redirected to working pages with relevant content.
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iSenseLabs Internal Guide to Mastering Project Specifications for OpenCart

This guide is about all the details about starting an eCommerce site. It gives different pieces of advice and tactics on how to minimize your project costs while achieving maximum results, utilize the OpenCart modules and themes eco-system as many more.
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How to Update the PHP Version of a Server Hosting OpenCart

February 21, 2017
OpenCart is a PHP-based platform for building an E-Commerce store. The core of your site is built using this programming language and updating it should not be the last of your priorities.
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Understanding How to Use the Order Totals in OpenCart 2.x

February 16, 2017
The Order Totals in OpenCart are one of the most important features in your store. They are found within the extensions and their purpose is to calculate the total price of your customers’ orders.
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