For Developers: Running OpenCart In The Command Line (Updated)

Learn how the oc_cli extension for OpenCart can help you run OpenCart directly from the Linux command line.
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How To Upgrade OpenCart From 1.5.6.x To In 3 Easy Steps

Why update when my site is running OK, you might ask. Even if you are perfectly fine with how your site performs there is always room for improvement. As a software product, OpenCart gets better with every new version.
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Events (Script Notifications) in OpenCart 2.2.x. What Has Changed?

The event system in OpenCart was first introduced in version It was one of the major changes in OpenCart’s core. In OpenCart, the event system evolved, and it has a more powerful and cleaner implementation now. However, the changes are not really backwards compatible, so the extensions which make use of it, will have to be updated.
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How to Increase the Maximum Upload Limit in PHP for OpenCart

March 21, 2016
There are two things that dictate the file size that can be uploaded in PHP based websites. They are two PHP config variables.
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Keyboard key kills and remaps (for Windows users)

Changing or disabling the function of keys is something I bet many computer users have wanted to be able to do at some point. This blog post will show Windows users how it can easily be done with the use of a free software and will take a look at what this software actually does to make it happen.
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How to Add New Pages in OpenCart With the CustomPages Extension

Customizing OpenCart can be done easily with the great variety of available themes and templates. However, there are more things that can be done with the platform such as creating new web pages to show content that is unique for your E-Commerce store.
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How to set-up Affiliates in OpenCart 2.x?

November 11, 2015
Once you have successfully started your OpenCart, it is time to bring some traffic to your store. Setting up an affiliate program is a good way to start because it is a win-win situation in which both sides are satisfied with the result.
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How QR Codes Improve Your OpenCart Store Experience

November 10, 2015
Invented in 1994 to track vehicle components during manufacturing, QR codes have expanded their potential use into a much wider context. The codes are currently used in commercial applications for tracking products and offering convenience for smartphone users, allowing multiple functionalities for mobile devices.
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Be Productive on a Mac Desktop

November 9, 2015
This blog post is going to be about improving your workflow on a Mac, bringing you closer to a happier, mouse-free life. We will be talking about the desktop environment of OS X, but most of this applies to Windows as well and should be achievable using counterpart software.
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Using OpenCart Mail Function and the Difference Between Mail & SMTP

November 4, 2015
Running an online store requires an efficient mail delivery system that will function properly. You will receive notifications for all types of activities on your site, including new orders, new clients, questions, etc. There will be large quantities of emails that your store will generate, so you will have to address that accurately.
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