What Server Do You Need to Run OpenCart

March 8, 2016
Being lightweight and fast are two of the most defining traits of OpenCart. The platform does not need much computing horsepower and can easily run on the cheapest hosting plans.
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How to Manage Product Returns in OpenCart

Product returns are not among the nicest things store owners have to deal with. Sadly, you cannot rule them out completely. Every E-Commerce store must have a strong return policy to ensure that customers will receive a reliable service and will be compensated if something with their order is not right.
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How to Find and Install Hundreds of Free OpenCart Modules using Google Search Tricks

February 18, 2016
This blogpost will explore the best ways to find free plugins for your store using the search engines.
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Understanding OpenCart Customers and Customer Groups

February 17, 2016
The difference between just knowing your customers and understanding them is quite notable. You should not think that gathering some basic personal information means you already know how to engage your audience.
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WhatsApp Hits 1 Billion Users. Can Your OpenCart Store Take Advantage?

February 3, 2016
February 1, 2016 - WhatsApp officially reported that their mobile app has reached 1 billion monthly active users, which is a good opportunity to examine the app as a marketing tool.
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8 OpenCart Modules For Tailoring Your Clothing Store's User Experience

Last week, we published a post on how to grow your clothing store with some great user experience techniques, and since design is just the cover, we have to pay good attention to what’s under the hood - functionality and usability.
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Growing a Clothing Store is Difficult Without These Fundamental Practices

Modern fashion stores are emblematic for their stylish design. The apparel industry is dictated by appearance and image, opening a lot of space for creative UX practices to show their potential.
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Turn Out-of-Stock Products into Sales with NotifyWhenAvailable

January 27, 2016
Accurate stock level communication can help you bring back a lot of profit that you are losing from products that are temporarily unavailable. This post will explain how you can take advantage of out-of-stock products and keep selling using the NotifyWhenAvailable module.
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Get the Most out of Product Reviews with FacebookComments

Adding reviews and allowing users to comment on your products - yea or nay? This blog post will show how product reviews can only benefit your store and how simple adding them can be with the FacebookComments module from iSenseLabs.
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10 Free Essential OpenCart 2.1.x Modules for Usability & Customer Experience

The shopping process of every eCommerce website should have a natural flow that makes the user experience as seamless as possible.
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