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Allow customers to activate their new accounts by email.

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EmailVerificationActivate New Registered Account by Email
EmailVerification - Activate New Registered Account by Email

SalesForecast gives you a projection of expected sales quantity and revenue for a selected period.

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SalesForecastOn Demand Sales Inventory Forecast
SalesForecast - On Demand Sales Inventory Forecast

LoginLockDown is for anyone who wants to protect their store from brute force attacks that are meant to steal sensitive customer information (passwords).

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LoginLockdownLockdown customers, users and affiliates login forms upon failed login attempts
LoginLockdown - Lockdown customers, users and affiliates login forms upon failed login attempts

Protect your web store and block spammers before they can even get your address.

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BotBlockerBlock certain bots from visiting your website
BotBlocker - Block certain bots from visiting your website

MaintenanceMode+ allows you to do scheduled maintenance in style.

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MaintenanceMode+Fully customizable maintenance mode page
MaintenanceMode+ - Fully customizable maintenance mode page

ErrorLog Manager is a next level error log managing tool for OpenCart.

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ErrorLog ManagerMultiple error log files manager
ErrorLog Manager - Multiple error log files manager

AdminMonitor helps you monitor back-end activities and stores the information in an easy-to-manage layout in the admin panel.

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AdminMonitorMonitor OpenCart admin activities
AdminMonitor - Monitor OpenCart admin activities

OpenCart SEO Pack PRO includes all SEO extensions and features and many more.

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OpenCart SEO Pack PROThe most popular OpenCart SEO Pack
OpenCart SEO Pack PRO

StorePickUp creates a separate page, where customers can view all their stores pinned on Google Maps.

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StorePickupPickup Directly From the Store
StorePickup - Pickup Directly From the Store

Managing and editing products is no longer a long and tedious task because ProductManager lets you do all that in bulk.

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Best of 2019
ProductManagerFast Bulk Product Management Tool
ProductManager - Fast Bulk Product Management Tool

VisualLayouts is a drag and drop layout editor where you can easily add, remove or sort modules.

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VisualLayoutsDrag and Drop Module Layout Editor
VisualLayouts - Drag and Drop Module Layout Editor

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