How to Install or Delete Modules in OpenCart 2.0

April 24, 2015
OpenCart modules are the tools which allow us to customize and extend our online store functionality. While in OpenCart 1.5.x you had to manually install the module via a FTP client, OpenCart 2.0.x introduced the Extension Installer, which allows you to complete the whole process through your dashboard with a few simple clicks.
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How to add Google Analytics to OpenCart 2.0.x

April 21, 2015
One of the most powerful tools for monitoring and analyzing traffic on your website is the freemium Google Analytics. In this tutorial we will show how to add Google Analytics in your OpenCart 2.0.x web store.
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How to set up multi-store in OpenCart 2.0.x

April 16, 2015
OpenCart is a powerful ecommerce platform and as such it comes with a built-in multi-store functionality. This means that you can set-up and manage as many stores as you like in just a single OpenCart installation.
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How to Configure Modules and Assign Them to Layouts in OpenCart 2.x?

Since OpenCart 2.0x has completely redesigned admin panel, there are some UI changes that might make you feel not at home.While the visually new modules and layout system may seem a challenging concept for the OpenCart 2.x user, it is more or less the same as in the earlier versions. In this blogpost we will walk you through the essentials and shed some light on how to configure modules and assign them to layouts.
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FacebookLogin for OpenCart - Step-by-Step Configuration + Video

Facebook have recently made a major update in their Developers Page so we decided to create this post and lead you through the steps of creating Facebook App for FacebookLogin in the new Developers Page.
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Tip for Making OpenCart More Secure

January 28, 2014
Changing your admin folder’s name is not mandatory but a recommended step if you want to have better security for your online store. In this post I will show you how to do that as easy as possible in a few steps.
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How to make it Responsive?

February 26, 2013
In the dictionary responsive is defined as "Reacting quickly and positively", but for a website it is way more than just a reaction. When you open a website through a mobile device and the layout adapts to your screen resolution and the browsing experience is customized for the mobile environment, the website is using a responsive design.
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How to Edit/Delete Powered by OpenCart in Your Default Theme

January 29, 2013
When operating an e-store in OpenCart sometimes store owners want to edit or delete Powered by OpenCart title, which is positioned right below in the footer. Usually to enhance presentation they put their store name or completely get rid of the title for various reasons. In this tutorial we will lead you through the necessary steps on how to edit and delete the Powered by OpenCart.
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