Can customer reviews grow your e-commerce sales?

January 24, 2015
Customer reviews are important part of every e-commerce website. They can increase your conversion rates, business credibility, trustworthiness and also bring fresh, unique content to your site. The main topics in this article will be how to attract reviews from the customers and how to properly display them in your website.
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Mobile website or mobile app?

As an e-commerce store owner in the ever-growing mobile market, it is time to choose the right mobile strategy for your budget. Which type of mobile presence is best for your store - mobile website or mobile application? In this blog post we hope that we will help you to decide which type of mobile presence to use for your business.
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Five e-commerce opportunities in 2015

If you have followed the news in 2014 you would know it was big for e-commerce. Two major things happened - for first time in history mobile prevailed over desktop for certain niches, and the global e-commerce industry continued its double-digit growth.
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