Why GDPR is so important?

You don't use our GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app, yet? Think twice! Ask Google and Amazon about the consequences.

If you are not sure how important, is to be GDPR compliant, you probably haven’t heard of the problems that Google and Amazon recently have. The two tech giants have been hit with huge fines for dropping tracking cookies without consent. Google has been slapped with €100 million for Google.fr and Amazon with €35 million for Amazon.fr. Although both companies have updated their websites to require user's consent before placing cookies, their cookie information banners have been criticized for not providing enough information to internet users.

No matter what kind of business you run, under GDPR, serious breaches of privacy can lead to fines that can cost your company. That is why every store owner is responsible for its GDPR compliance. You have to be familiar with the major role that GDPR has and you should know that you can collect personal data from users after you have received their explicit consent.

How to become GDPR/CCPA compliant?

Cookie consent is one of the most common ways of collecting and sharing personal data online. Here are some GDPR Cookie consent requirements that your store must comply with:

  • Explicit consent must be obtained before any activation of cookies, apart from the necessary one.

  • Consent must be detailed - every user should be able to choose what cookies to opt-in or opt-out for.

  • Consent must be freely given, easily withdrawn, and securely stored.

  • It has to be renewed at least once a year.

Cookie banners allow users to select and accept certain cookies for activation when visiting your store.

We want you to be aware of the most important things when dealing with GDPR and cookies in your store. That is why our GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management app is the best solution for you. You become GDPR compliant after just a few clicks. Our app is super intuitive and gives you endless possibilities for customization. It offers features that you will not find in any other GDPR/CCPA solution. It includes:

  • Cookie management - Our cookie banner allows your visitors to choose which cookies exactly to accept when clicking on the Preferences button. If you are using a premium plan, upon clicking on the arrows in the preferences popup, your visitors can see each cookie associated with the respective category and also check the additional information listed under them as part of their description.

  • GDPR/CCPA pages - These pages can be generated with a click of a button after the installation of the app. From them, your customers can edit their account details, request a report, or request deletion of their personal information anytime. We recommend adding a link to these pages in your footer section, so it could be easily accessed by your customers. More information on how to do that you can find on our FAQ page under question 13.

  • Data export - visitors and customers can make all kinds of exports, such as GDPR requests, personal data, order history.


We are constantly following the law changes and try to remain on top of the latest requirements for being GDPR/CCPA compliant.

For all the benefits of this exclusive app, click here.

If you have any questions, contact us via email or chat, or simply check our FAQ page 



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