[iSenseLabs Weekly 90] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News

Friday is here again! This week at iSenseLabs, we kept going with making our extensions compatible with OpenCart 3.x and continued switching them from OCMOD to Events.

We hope you find the new updates useful and recommend to get the latest versions of all the OpenCart modules you’re running down below.

Be sure to check our latest video tutorial for OpenCart 3.x and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more upcoming educational videos!

OpenCart Extension Updates

AdvancedSorting 3.0.0 (OC 3.0.x)

Initial release for OpenCart 3.x.

Improvement: The extension is 100% event-based. It does not rely on any modifications.

SimilarProducts 3.1.2 (OC 3.0.x)

Improvement: Added OpenCart 3.0.x compatibility.

iCustomFooter 4.4.1 (OC 3.0.x)

Bug fix: Fix a bug with loading templates.

Improvement: Updated the installation and upgrade instructions.

AutomatedNewsletter 3.5.3 (OC 3.0.x)

Improvement: Added OpenCart 3.0.x compatibility.

FakeMailDetector 2.1 (OC 2.0.x to 2.3.x)

New feature: Include the ability to resume a stopped verification process.

ComingSoon 3.1.2 (OC 3.0.x)

Improvement: Added OpenCart 3.0.x compatibility.

Improvement: Updated the installation instructions.

Best E-Commerce Knowledge Resources of the Week

84 Best Instagram Ad Examples In 2018 – Learn From Top Brands

By Aggregate Blog

The advertising examples from leading brands always have a lot to teach growing businesses. Take a look at these amazing Instagram ad examples and try to pay close attention to the ad designs, the marketing copy and the different types of emotion that each ad sparks. There’s a lot you can take away from these examples and put into your own Instagram feed.

The Complete Guide to Building a Framework for Customer Empathy

By GrowthHackers

A great reminder of the difference between the humans behind all the tech, marketing and design, and the ones who visit and interact with all that jazz. It’s often easy to forget that the people creating customer experiences are more proficient with tech than the ones exposed to software, so it’s important to remember and distinguish between the two realities.

Empathy is what connects humans and it’s something we should remind ourselves when building frameworks and the entire customer experience behind your brand, marketing and design.

Emails Not Converting? Use These 9 Words That Sell in Your Next Campaign

By Sleeknote

Are you sending out email campaigns that don’t seem to be working? Try changing the way you communicate with your subscribers in that case. Experiment with the 9 words that you’ll find in this post and see if they might be the key to making your products sell more. Try them out in different templates and keep switching up things until you start seeing a change in numbers.

Introducing the New WaterMark. Redesigned for OpenCart 3.x

By iSenseLabs

With all the extensions we’re updating for OpenCart 3.x, we decided to use that time and freshen up a module or two. We completely redesigned and refactured WaterMark. It now has a brand new more intuitive control panel with much less complication, but much more power and flexibility. New fonts, a preview for your watermark and tons of other improvements for the OpenCart 3.x version.

iSenseLabs Videos

How to Add a Custom Stock Status in OpenCart 3.x

Pick Of The Week

One Page Love is a collection of one page websites to give you tons of different perspectives and ideas of how to approach your store design if you’ve decided to go with a single page layout.

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